Past Events

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Type 1's Take on Australia's Biggest Marathon

The Melbourne Marathon has been growing steadily since over 2,000 runners hauled their way from Frankston to Melbourne Town Hall in 1978. It's now Australia's biggest, with over 8,000 people taking on the full distance and over 35,000 entries across the range of events. This year the Melbourne Marathon is doubling as the Australian Marathon Championships.

This all makes for the perfect opportunity for fast-footed type 1's - and those who are not so fast - to show the whole community that type 1 diabetes is no barrier to healthy exercise and strong competition. There's a fantastic range of separate distances you can run or walk. As well as the fullie, there's a half, a 10 km run, a 5.7 km run and a 3 km walk. Something for everyone.


Brimbank Park: Perfect Spot for a 55

This is the second new location for 2016 and one of the finest you could find. Brimbank Park is my old stomping ground and I used to train here until I'd worn through my tyres. It's an amphitheatre-shaped space, a great basin carved out of the basaltic plain by the Maribyrnong River over millions of years. The brim of the bank on the western side is a full 55 metres above the river - another version of the perfect number. To the east the slopes rise more gently and the great curves of the Maribyrnong flow round thick native bushland, home to a huge range of birds and mammals. There are bronzewings and thornbills, kangaroos and wallabies, falcons and kites. 


Tan Track

HypoActive runners, walkers and bicycle riders are once again meeting to take on the high profile, central Melbourne loop - The Tan. Don't let the fact that we're in the last days of winter deter you from joining in - put some spring in your heels and bring your precious bgl's for all to share.​

The Tan Track is a 3.8 km track around King's Domain and the Botanic Gardens. Originally a horse track for Melbourne's well-hoofed, The Tan today is one of Melbourne's most frequented locations. Locals, visitors, celebrities and plenty of type 1's all now share the spacious path and its luscious green surroundings. Once covered in tan-bark, the track now has a tan-coloured aggregate surface round most of the BoTANic Gardens, but to this day no one is quite sure how it came to be known as The Tan.


Flourishing Fairfield Park

On the very last day of July, avid type 1's will be meeting at 9.30 am (SHARP!) in the car park just off Heidelberg Road for the latest installment of the hugely popular HypoActive Fun Run/Walk/Ride. As always, you're welcome however far you want to run, ride or walk. Just meet up with other type 1's and do your thing until it's time to refuel at the superbly picturesque Fairfield Park Boathouse around 10.30 am.


It's time for Type 1's to Run this City!

Once again, HypoActive has formed a type 1 team for this classic Melbourne event. Now in its 9th year, Run Melbourne offers a half marathon, a 10 km run, a 5 km run/walk and even a kids 3 km run (on Saturday 23rd). It's become the community fitness event of the year, with individuals raising funds for hundreds of different charities.

HypoActive always makes sure there are Insulin Injected Engines® singlets creating a big splash and showing not just that type 1 diabetes need not stop anyone doing anything, but that type 1's can compete with the best, whether that means crossing the winning line or showing off the fittest young family for miles. Wear yours in this event and shout to the world that you're an active type 1.


Jells in June

Active type 1's - and some of the not so active ones - will be meeting as usual on the last Sunday of the month at 9.30 am (SHARP!), this time at fabulous Jells Park.

Jells Park nestles in the Dandenong Creek Valley at Wheelers Hill. Over 9 km of paths and trails wind their way through open spaces, woods, wetlands and billabongs, and round the magnificent lake. Although nearly a million people a year visit this park, you wouldn't know it and on a Sunday morning you'll probably be greeting just a few other walkers and people out for fresh air and healthy exercise.


Return to Williamstown

If you're planning on coming along or need to know more, contact John here.

The latest Fun Run/Walk/Ride is all about taking in the best of this charming township on the western side of the mouth of the great Yarra. It may be wild beyond and further west, but here it's the dependable clank of ropes on masts; the intriguing aromas from onboard BBQ's; and the company of wild seabirds more travelled than most Williamstown sailors, who are generally more wealthy than weatherworn.

Williamstown was a strong and busy port settlement in the 19th century and still boasts many handsome early buildings. Today it's the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning whether you're out for some energetic enterprise, interested in some top class fare, heading to meet and greet - and most especially if you're after all three.


A Golden Jubilee of Type 1 Fun Runs/Walks/Rides!

Can you imagine - who would have thought?

HypoActive's 50th social exercising event for people living with type 1 diabetes. Not just exciting and uplifting, but inspiring, motivating and downright best as. And this one's at the finest of our locations, fabulous Caulfield Park.

Thanks John


The Type 1 Team Awakens

The Murray to Moyne is an epic cycle relay that has been running as a public event since the early 1990's. Teams saddle up on the banks of the Murray River and ride in relay all the way down to the mouth of the Moyne River at Port Fairy at the far end of the Great Ocean Road. Apart from the prevailing headwinds, the big challenge for riders is to cover nearly 520 km to the seaside township in 24 hours.

It's a lot to ask of any cyclist, but since 2003 there's been a brave and bold presence - a team of cyclists not just facing these challenges, but doing it all with type 1 diabetes on top. That's HypoActive.

The HypoActive team and crew take on this event to raise money for HypoActive and Diabetes Camps Victoria.


HypoActive Team Running Event

This is a great opportunity to get out there in a massive high-profile Melbourne event wearing your HypoActive running gear and showing how type 1's won't be stopped from getting active and healthy. Whether you run fast or take your time, show the world you can do it!

The 2016 Herald Sun/CityLink Run for the Kids has two course options: 16.3 km and 5 km. The shorter 5 km scenic course is now available to allow those participants who do not feel comfortable running or jogging 16 km but wish to be involved in the event and raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The start of both courses and assembly area are on Alexandra Avenue and the race village and finish area are in Kings Domain, making it easy for family and friends who are not competing to be part of the fun and close to the action.