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Summer Fun at Brighton Beach

The first HypoActive Social Run/Walk/Ride for 2016 is at that old type 1 favourite, Brighton Beach. There isn't just posh sand here - there are kilometres of running, walking and cycling paths that wind their way through palm trees, gardens and open lawns. It's one of Melbourne's iconic lovely spots and there's nowhere quite like the beach to have fun in the middle of summer.


For a number of years now, HypoActive has been thrilled to put on a big BBQ feed to celebrate Christmas and the peer support that we provide. John and Kerri Thompson are once again donning their type 1 cook's hats and serving up a sizzling sensation for all who wish to join us. There is the opportunity to exercise before tucking in - with HypoActive Fun Run/Walk/Ride No 47 taking place that morning - or you are very welcome to just come along, share food and relish the company of other type 1's who are taking on the challenge of an active lifestyle.

HypoActive Christmas brunch 2014: the perfect type 1 get-together


Awesome Albert Park

HypoActive type 1 John Thompson: just keeps on running

As we draw slowly towards the festive season and the end of the year, our mid-spring social exercise get-together is located in Albert Park, in the shadow of the city, but in full glorious sunshine. Once a lagoon in the Yarra River delta, Albert Park Lake is now the home of many sporting and athletic activities, with plenty of room for a keen bunch of type 1's to have some HypoActive fun.

On the Sunday 25th October the meet is at 9.30 am (SHARP!) on Aquatic Drive, opposite the yacht club. The easiest way to get to the start is via Albert Rd Drive and then take a right turn into Aquatic Drive. Melways reference: Map 2K F6. Email John if you're not sure and he can send you a very good map.


HypoActive Team in Australia's Biggest Marathon

This year is the 38th Melbourne Marathon, now an icon event for Australians of all fitness levels. For several years Melbourne has seen about 6 1/2 thousand brave runners complete the full 42 km course, but also over 35,000 sign up as a total for all the events. This event caters for everyone: there's the traditional, grueling 42.195 km; a halfie; a 10 km option; 5.7 km for the strong, but not so long; and a fabulous 3 km course for those who either want to run what they can or just walk to get active, take part in such a vibrant city happening and maybe raise some money for one of the event's nominated charities - or a charity of their own choosing (could be HypoActive!).

Every course finishes with a lap of your very favourite sportsground - the MCG!


The Marvellous Maribyrnong at Essendon

The next HypoActive Fun Run/Walk/Ride is at this fantastic location on the mighty Maribyrnong River in Essendon. As Melbourne's green wedges go, the Maribyrnong is probably the finest. There are paths and cycleways aplenty along both sides of this majestic waterway and even bridges to create scenic loops. If you bring your bike and feel like just carrying on you can ride all the way up to Brimbank Park, through some of Melbourne's finest riverside parklands, or head straight down to Docklands and Footscray. In Essenden itself, there are massive wide paths, very little traffic and enough people out exercising to keep you motivated and moving. But if it's the meet you like, there's a superb cafe lined up for the post-activity refueling. 


Type 1 Back on The Tan

We don't have a July Fun Run/Walk/Ride as the huge Run Melbourne event is at the end of July and we have a strong team of type 1 runners for all different distances. The next HypoActive Sunday get-together is a big step further towards spring and we can all look forward to a warmer workout.

So at the end of August, HypoActive runners, walkers and bicycle riders are meeting to take on the high profile, central Melbourne loop - The Tan. 


HypoActive Teams up for The Age Run Melbourne 2015

Once again, HypoActive has formed a type 1 team for this classic Melbourne event. Now in its 8th year, Run Melbourne offers a half marathon, a 10 km run, a 5 km run/walk and even a kids 3 km run. It's become the community fitness event of the year, with individuals raising funds for hundreds of different charities.

HypoActive always makes sure there are Insulin Injected Engines® singlets creating a big splash and showing not just that type 1 diabetes need not stop anyone doing anything, but that type 1's can compete with the best, whether that means crossing the winning line or showing off the fittest young family for miles. Wear yours in this event and shout to the world that you're an active type 1.


New Venue - Caulfield Park

A splendid acquisition for our itinerary of parks and trails around greater Melbourne, Caulfield Park is centrally located and has great access from major roads. There is a circuit of about 2.5 km and the tracks are bitumen, which makes them comfortable for all sorts of bicycles. All round it's the perfect spot for type 1's to get together for whatever level of exercise they choose.



1000 Steps Kokoda Track Memorial Walk

The Kokoda track/trail is the most famous in Papua New Guinea and is known for being the location of the World War II battle between Japanese and Australian forces in 1942. The 1,000 steps represent the Golden Staircase, a name given by the Australian Army Engineers to the track between Uberi and Imita Ridge in Papua New Guinea. But you don't have to go and fight in the jungle, you only have to get to Upper Ferntree Gully.

This amazing place is a unique spot located in the Dandenong Ranges National Park at Mt Dandenong. The track was created in the early 1900's and made from the trunks of tree ferns laid along the wetter areas of the track to make the climb a little easier. These were replaced by wooden palings before the more permanent concrete steps were installed in 1950. 


Williamstown in the type 1 Groove

The latest Fun Run/Walk/Ride is all about taking in the best of this charming township on the western side of the mouth of the great Yarra. It may be wild beyond and further west, but here it's the dependable clank of ropes on masts. the intriguing aromas from onboard BBQ's and the company of wild seabirds more travelled than most Williamstown sailors, who are generally more salubrious than salty.

Williamstown was a strong and busy port settlement in the 19th century and still boasts many handsome early buildings. Today it's the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning whether you're out for some energetic enterprise, interested in some some top class fare, heading to meet and greet - and most especially if you're after all three.

Williamstown breakfast of type 1 champs