The following are the photos submitted so far.

Simon Rich sent this in very early. Simon wrote a great report of the Tour of Bright he did in 2010, a webpage we still have: http://www.hypoactive.org/content/breathtakingsimons-ride-tour-bright I emailed jxpphotography a while ago about use of this photo, but they did not respond. I'm happy to post this picture and give them a credit for it.

Jean Mehrtens sent in first the top photo, then when I contacted her she sent the following five. The first one I guess is her proud moment of finishing the trail, but I'm not sure if it is the best shot.

Warwick's top shot. Warwick was insistent that his presidency should exclude him from consideration.

These pictures are of a young woman named Izzy from Queensland. She said, 'Sorry if they're kinda gee.'


Kym's fab pic from Facebook