Event Date: 30th Mar - 2nd Apr 2017

The Murray to Moyne (M2M), HypoActive's founding event, is a spectacular team cycling challenge across the plains of western Victoria. It's a cycle relay and teams break up into small groups to take turns in covering the full 520 km from the Murray River all the way down to the mouth of the Moyne at Port Fairy - in just 24 hours.

A type 1 team was fist put together for the M2M in 2003 and although it didn't yet have the HypoActive name, this was the core group who reformed in following years and became the start of the now famous type 1 exercise group. Back then it was a dreadful struggle and those who remember the early days just look at their feet and shake their heads in wonder at ever completing the course. These days, the HypoActive team is a well-lubed machine, with protocols and lots of experience that put the type 1 team well ahead of the bunch.

2003 type 1 riders

Sounds like a gruelling journey, and it is hard work, but because the full team is split into three, individual groups can represent different levels of strength and medium level riders can expect to contribute well to the team effort. It's a long ride, but every type 1 who ever took on that road has come away with memories of a type 1 event that will last forever.

And one of the great feelings of achievement every year is knowing that a major part of the M2M is the raising of much needed funds for diabetes charities. Diabetes Camps Victoria have been the focus of fundraising for many years, but we also gather money to help with the vital work done by HypoActive. All the mone raised gos to events where type 1's get the opportunity and support for exercise and better health.

2016 HypoActive team

2017 will be 15th year a type 1 team has swung its leg over the saddle and charged its way across the plains. To do this we need a dedicated bunch, each of whom can commit to some training and a whole lot of fundraising. You certainly don't have to be at Le Tout level - we do have places for less experienced riders. We're searching for a team right now, so how about the type 1 cycling weekend of a lifetime?

If you want to find out more, Contact Us here with any questions.

If you'd like to register your interest straight away, please print and get signatures on the legal liability and waiver form here and the and the M2M registration form here, then email them here.