Successful Epic Type 1 Cycle Relay


The 2017 HypoActive Murray to Moyne (M2M) was a resounding success, with all type 1 riders smashing the 520 km, 24-hour relay from Echuca to Port Fairy in probably the best time yet and in record high spirits. But, fortunately, none of the very many bgl tests reached record highs and although we all  know these things do go up and down, everyone tested and tested and was therefore able to complete this difficult endurance ride.

The HypoActive 2017 Murray to Moyne was put on as an event to raise money for Diabetes Camps Victoria, where children and young adults with type 1 are given the chance to get active and independent in the company of other type 1's; and HypoActive, helping people with type 1 diabetes all over the place with advice and opportunities to take on exercise and get healthy. Well done everybody for fundraising and contributing.

Only on a type 1 HypoActive team bus!

We'd like to give our huge thanks to Winners (Sports Nutrition), who came on board with very generous assistance in the form of bars and gels for riders. These are essential fuel for type 1's on bikes and Winners are the best you can get. 

Back on the road after barely time to smile and scoff some lollies.

The call is already out for any type 1's who want to join in the fun - and the team - on the 2018 HypoActive Murray to Moyne. It's an unusual weekend, but not necessarily beyond your capabilities. If you can ride a bike for an hour - and then do the same a bit later, then you're probably ripe for a go at the Murray to Moyne. You don't have to be an athletic champ to be in our team. We welcome new riders who aren't that strong. We also welcome strong cyclists, as we certainly need them too. So give it some thought and get in touch with any questions.

Captains Courageous: Maria Baranj and Laura Rostron organising and running this year's HypoActive Murray to Moyne. Great job guys.

If you're interested in joining the team as a rider or crew for next year's event, being held on 6th - 8th April, or would just like to know more, contact the captains here.

Top type 1 gear

Here we're showing a selection of pictures shared and enjoyed on the HypoActive Murray to Moyne Facebook page. You can also check out the HypoActive Facebook page for all our news and chat.


There's an awful lot of this on the way from Echuca to Port Fairy.

Type 1's come in all shapes and sizes. Thankfully, Matt is one of the best.

Type 1 Victory: HypoActive team fully win at the end of the ride in Port Fairy.