Meet the Team and Have Your Say

Date: 25th February

Time: 1200 pm

Venue: 4th Willliamstown Scout Hall, The Strand Williamstown

The year has turned full circle once again and it's nearly time for our most important gathering of members and committee. This is the annual chance for everyone to get together and talk about which direction HypoActive should or could take. For people to talk about events that we might get involved with or perhaps organise for the first time. It's a time for reflection and creative planning. A chance to think what has worked, what has not and focus on doing more of what type 1's at all levels of ability get the most out of.

There will be the presentation of the financial report, which is of vital importance as well as plenty of other general business. It won't be all drear, someone has promised to bring snacks and there'll be plenty of time to chat and swap ideas about what's truly important for HypoActive.

This meeting comes after the morning's Fun Run/Walk/Ride and the end of the dashing Big Bay Swim, in which our brave and noble acting, and very active, president, Kat Price, is competing, so spirits will be high and everyone will be tuned in to big ideas about type 1 diabetes and exercise. Come and join us!