Event date: 2nd and 3rd December 2017

Great news! HypoActive's tireless team have fixed a date and venue for this year's exciting installment of AcT1vate. On the first weekend of December, experts and novices, athletes and would-be-exercisers, all with the mission of tackling activity with type 1 diabetes will be meeting at the Mount Helen campus of Federation University (just 10 km from the centre of Ballarat).

AcT1vate is a unique event, all about enhancing knowledge and experience of exercise and type 1 diabetes. There will be people giving talks and sharing specialist knowledge, but there will also be highly interactive sessions where you can ask questions and share your experiences. There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to get active.

We have designed an interactive program of 4 main speakers and a range of active sessions. 

Speakers topics will address:

  • The physiological aspects of managing type 1 and exercise
  • Tools for managing BGL's when exercising (including multiple daily injections (MDI), continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) and pumps).
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Motivation (mental health) and exercise

Active sessions will focus on providing activity for all levels of engagement with fun participatory events including: 

  • Yoga / mindful movement to get each day started
  • Various forms of walking, running, cycling, swimming 
  • Culminating in a fun walk/run/ride Rogaining challenge (Rogaining? Find out more).

Other groups have put on similar weekend events after seeing how successful HypoActive's brilliant first AcT1vate was in 2010. These have been wonderful efforts, but no one does it quite like HypoActive, quite simply because we all have type 1 diabetes and so we do it better.

AcT1vate is a weekend event that could change your life. It's a safe environment where you can make choices, learn and be surrounded by other people facing the same challenges - other people living with type 1 diabetes. There will be some amazing people there, type 1's with awesome achievements, but this event is specifically designed to cater for people right on the verge of taking on exercise. Type 1's who need to know just that little bit more, who can learn from those who know best and gain the confidence to have a go.

All news as to what speakers are confirmed and when you can register will be announced in the HypoActive newsletter. If you don't already get it, you can sign up here. Some say it's good-looking and funny too, but it's definitely very type 1.

You can read more about Mt Helen campus of Federation Uni here. To get to the venue from Ballarat there's a brilliant cycling trail all the way through serene countryside. Canadian Creek Bike Trail starts on Barkly Street (near the netball centre and skateboard park). Find out more about how to cycle, train, bus or drive to Mount Helen campus here. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news.