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Big news this month - almost the biggest there could be. Our current president Warwick Sickling is standing down as leader of HypoActive. Warwick took over the top spot in June 2015 and during his watch we have seen HypoActive flourish. We now have considerably larger numbers of people contributing from all over Australia and events are popping up all over the place. During this time although this newsletter continues its steady growth in readership, our Facebook membership has doubled and its been exhilarating to see new active type 1's sharing their experiences almost every day.

Behind the scenes, Warwick has made huge efforts to reshape and redefine HypoActive, which now exists as a far stronger community entity. Warwick has led the committee with determination, vision and a great deal of hard work.

Warwick has a young family, shortly to be extended by one (congratulations Warwick and Tania!). I remember when our third child came along and straight away looking after them all took more time than there actually was, so this is a great time for Warwick to give himself a massive pat on the back and lighten his professional load. I'm sure you'll all join me in sending Warwick a HUGE THANK YOU and wishing him all the very best for the future.

Monique Hanley, Gavin Wright, Warwick Sickling and Greg McCubbin: Presidents of the United States of HypoActive, the most powerful type 1 exercise group in the world.

But of course this does mean I have some very positive news. We have a new top type 1: long-term, active contributor Greg McCubbin is slipping into the esteemed role of president of HypoActive.

Greg is a veteran Murray to Moyne rider and has been involved in organising and volunteering on events for some years. Originally from Ballarat, Greg has a long string of management qualifications as well as many years of top level project manager and project delivery specialist experience. I can't help feeling personally that one of Greg's greatest achievements was to meet the love of his life on a Murray to Moyne weekend some years ago. Greg recently got married to one of our longest and hardest serving committee members and contributors, Danielle Kinnear. I hope they don't mind if I send my congratulations so publicly - I'm sure everyone will want to wish them happiness for the future.

Enormous thanks to Greg for taking this bold step and shouldering such responsibility.





  • Fun Run/Walk/Ride: September in Brimbank
  • Melbourne Marathon: Let's get Running
  • AcT1vate: More Hot News


  • HA Fundraiser: Last Chance for Lottery Fun
  • Recent Events: HA's excel around the Country
  • Emily Rogers: Amazing Type 1 Song





Brimbank Park: Melbourne's Finest

Event Date: 24 Sep 2017 

This is the second HypoActive get-together at this fabulous park in northwest of Melbourne. Brimbank Park is an amphitheatre-shaped space, a great basin carved out of the basaltic plain by the Maribyrnong River over millions of years. The brim of the bank on the western side is a full 55 metres above the river - a ten-fold version of the perfect number. There are many (flat) paths and trails weaving along the river for top type 1 running, walking or riding. In fact, you can ride all the way down to the mouth of the Maribyrnong in Footscray from here, one of Melbourne's best recreational rides.

As always, you decide how far and how fast you want to walk, run or ride and you're very welcome to just come along and join the group at the Leaping Lizard Cafe afterwards if you'd like the company and to talk about strategies for taking on exercise while managing type 1 diabetes. For more information, check out our webpage here.

John Thompson already has some routes already mapped out, so if you'd like to know more or where to meet everyone, just shoot him an email. John can also put you on his very select email list so that you get all this info before anyone else knows. Find John here.



Dexcom CGM: Distributed by AMSL Diabetes

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#1. Bailey, Chang, Christiansen Clinical Accuracy of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with an Advanced Algorithm J Diabetes Sc Tech 2015 Vol 9(2) 209-214.  #2. Laffel Improved Accuracy of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems in Pediatric Patients with Diabetes Mellitus – Results from Two Studies Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics Volume 18, Supplement 2, 2016.



HypoActive Team Event

Event Date: 15 Oct 2017

The Melbourne Marathon has been growing steadily since over 2,000 runners hauled their way from Frankston to Melbourne Town Hall in 1978. It's now Australia's biggest, with over 8,000 people taking on the full distance and over 35,000 entries across the range of events. This year is the 40th race and it's looking like the most spectacular ever.

As well as the full marathon at 42.195 km, this event has a half marathon, a 10 km run, a 5.7 km run and a 3 km walk: something for everyone. HypoActive has a team entered in this year's event. If you're a type 1 runner or walker - doesn't matter which event you choose to enter - why not join our team? Check out all the info about distances and entry fees on the Melbourne Marathon website.

Mid-October does give you time to get in tune with your fitness and your type 1. If you wish to enter this event as part of the HypoActive team you will need a password, which you can get from John Thompson. shoot him an email and learn all about the team and any training runs.



Don't Miss Out - Register Now.

Event Date: 2 - 3 Dec 2017

Register Now

AcT1vate is a residential weekend dedicated to helping you, or your partner, manage type 1 diabetes and get the most out of exercise. We've got a whole pile of testimonials from type 1's who have come along in the past and found their lives changing as a result of what they learnt. There will certainly be people there who have considerable athletic accomplishments, but this weekend is also focussed on getting those of you who just need to know a whole lot more before you take the energetic step into regular exercise.

We now have some details of the star-studded cast who will be speaking at this coming AcT1vate. Professional road and mountain bike racer, famed Team Novo Nordisk rider and long-term type 1 Justin Morris will be joining us from Sydney. Dr Matt Perugini, ass prof of biochemistry and genetics at La Trobe University (and a triathlete), speaking on the physiology of exercise and type 1. Ms Jodie Horsburgh, an accredited diabetes nurse educator (DNE) with a background in research, whose speciality is type 1, pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGM's). Mr Tim McMasters, an accredited nutritionist with a masters of nutrition and dietetics from the University of Queensland. Tim has spent four years with Diabetes Tasmania and 18 months with Diabetes Victoria. Tim is establishing a private practice specialising in type 1 sports nutrition and weight management.

Sounds like we're getting everything covered superbly - and don't forget there are plenty of sessions where you get off your seat and get active.

Read this fantastic article about type 1 Justin Morris on BikeMag

Registrations are open for AcT1vate in December. Places are being taken up keenly, especially after the latest announcements, so if you are considering coming along - and it's one of the best decisions you could ever make - have a look now and think about blocking out that important weekend in your calendar. Check out our latest webpage here for lots more info. Or if you want to register right now just click here.

Register Now



FreeStyle Libre Real World Results
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The FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System is a glucose monitoring device indicated for detecting trends and tracking patterns in persons (aged 18 and older) with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Health care professionals and consumers should be aware about the limitations of available scientific evidence for use of this device in any other groups of patients who require diabetes management. † Data on file. Dunn T, Xu Y, Hayter G; Evidence of a Strong Association Between Frequency of Flash Glucose Monitoring and Glucose Control Measures During Real-World Usage. All work was funded by and the authors are employees of Abbott Diabetes Care. Ask your healthcare professional how a FreeStyle glucose meter may assist you. Always read the label and use only as directed. FreeStyle and related brand marks are trademarks of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. in various jurisdictions.





HA Fundraiser

Huge thanks to Kym Davern for setting up this fundraising scheme. Lottery tickets cost just two dollars and all of it goes straight to HypoActive to help fund this year's AcT1vate. There are only a couple of days left to get your tickets - I recommend buying lots.

Check out the HA lottery page here and don't miss out on your chance to win extraordinary prizes, including cars, as well as support HypoActive.



Running Round the Country with Type 1 Diabetes

Great to read on the HypoActive Facebook page about type 1's getting active and achieving - and sharing their achievements - from all over Australia. To read them all just get notified from the group, but I thought I'd share a couple of very recent reports from events.

Last Sunday up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, four type 1's let us all know how they ran. Joanne Findlay ran a half marathon, achieving a PB and gave us a brief rundown on her sugars for the event. Jo Snodgrass also ran the half with a PB, Gary Gaffel ran a stirling fullie and although he didn't quite make his hoped-for time he ran a fast race. Aleesha Hyndman was also there for the 10 km race. Well done everyone and great to see type 1's meeting up before the event.

Joanne Findlay - proud of having done three halfies in two months and managing type 1 diabetes as well

From the Sunshine Coast to the Surf Coast in Victoria, great to hear from Alistair McDonald, whose team won Division 2 in the Anglesea Ekiden Relay earlier this month. Alistair was very modest about his personal achievement, but here we can have a look at how confident, comfortable and fast he looks doing his share of a difficult marathon and while staying on top of a very difficult condition - type 1 diabetes. Great stuff Alistair.

Alistair McDonald - the Anglesea Avenger

And down in Tasmania, we've been hearing about the amazing performances from Meriem Daoui. After taking first place in Run Davernport, running 10 km in 36 mins 22 secs in March, she took a faster step forwards in May to win the City to Casino 11 km, finishing in 37 mins 28 secs. Last year Meriem ran her first full distance in the Ross Marathon in Tasmania. She finished in 3:02:35, two and a half minutes less than the previous women's record. Adding to her achievement, Meriem ran this race inspired by and to raise money for the devastated people in war-torn Syria. Through GoFundMe she raised over three and a half thousand dollars to help relieve suffering in Syria. What fantastic work.

At an early age Meriem has already achieved an enormous amount. There's an article all about Meriem and her true grit with running and type 1 diabetes in the latest edition of Run For Your Life magazine. Check it out.

Meriem Daoui - Tasmanian type 1 tornado



Can you Believe it? It's Brilliant

Huge thanks to Dave Barnes for posting on the HypoActive Facebook page about this brilliant piece of work. And even bigger thanks to Emily Rogers, a cross country runner and tennis player who was diagnosed two years ago, for writing and singing it. It's a song about having type 1 diabetes. Who ever heard of such a thing? Well, it's just brilliant. Brilliant.

Here's a link to Dave's post: Survivors by Emily Rogers.



That's all for now.

All the best,