Cath Stephensen

Cath is a familiar face at the HypoActive cycling events and is definately keen to share her love of the bike with all! We asked Cath to share some insight with us on her diabetes management and her exercise regime - as usual she gave us a little bit more about what motivates her when it comes to being active.
Cath recalls her diagnosis and when "they stuck me in a ward opposite a little old lady who was having her foot amputated because of diabetes related gangrene. I cried for two days, and then I decided I was going to manage it. For the first 10 years I was absolutely religious about my food intake, although no one told me about exercise then. For the past 10 years I have been more relaxed, but I exercise more. The exercise definately compensates the relaxed times!"
1. Describe yourself in 10 words
 Young heart, old body

2.What do you do during the day?
Training & Assessment Manager

3. What is your fave thing to do on Saturday? 
  Sleep in, stop thinking.
4. When were you diagnosed with T1 and what insulin regime are you on?
26 years ago - pump, humalog
5. What made you first decide to participate in an activity with HypoActive?
I was feeling isolated
6. What regular exercise do you do? What irregular exercise do you do?
Cycle & walk regularly - distance cycle irregularly

7. What's your favourite/most challenging HypoActive event and why?
Murray to Moyne, because its bizarre
8. How do you need to modify your diabetes regime when you exercise?
Reduce Basal on pump, sometimes reduce insulin to carb ratio. Does this change depending on what activity you are undertaking (i.e. varying intensity, duration etc)? Absolutely, exercise less than an hour has little effect, it's endurance exercise that changes everything.
9. What's the most surprising thing you have learned about your diabetes through exercise or relating to diabetes and exercise?
Regular exercise flattens out BGL's!!!!
10. What has been the greatest personal challenge you have faced since being diagnosed with T1?
Being isolated and without support in Qld., during the first 10 - 15 years, including having a baby supported by a gyno who got my long acting and short acting dosage mixed up, so that when I was in recovery from the anaesthetic (cesaerian delivery) I kept having massive hypo's and the nurse wouldn't believe me when I said they were giving me the wrong insulin dosage.

11. What sporting related entity do you find inspiring and why?
Lance Armstrong - because it's not about the bike! (and Monique coz she's amazing)