Chelle Connard

Chelle has been a key member of HypoActive's MegaSwim teams, including managing the team in 2009.  She also held the position of Secretary for some time.  Chelle brings a unique positivity to the group.
1. Describe yourself in 10 words
A lucky dip!
2.What do you do during the day?
I am a Youth Worker in Local Government. I am one of the lucky few who enjoy their job.
3. What is your fave thing to do on Saturday?  
Something active during the day, then drinks with friends in the evening.
4. When were you diagnosed with T1 and what insulin regime are you on?
I was diagnosed when I was 19 (five years ago) and am currently using an insulin pump.
5. What made you first decide to participate in an activity with HypoActive?
I knew some of the people who were already involved with HypoActive and they seemed to be having heaps of fun on the Murray to Moyne cycle relay so I joined up.
6. What regular exercise do you do? What irregular exercise do you do?
Until recently I didn't have a regular exercise routine. I currently go to the gym at least three times a week and a bit of ad hoc exercise with friends whenever I can get motivated.
7. What's your favourite/most challenging HypoActive event and why?
I love the Mega Swim, it has quickly become my favourite event. I used to have a fear of swimming so every time I get in the water I am achieving something new. Each year I surprise myself.
8. How do you need to modify your diabetes regime when you exercise? Does this change depending on what activity you are undertaking (i.e. varying intensity, duration etc)?
When I go to the gym I usually reduce my basal rate by 50% just before I start and sometimes for 30mins after if I have had a big workout. I don't usually change anything else but I do test more frequently to avoid Hypos. I find sustained activity or personal training sessions usually drop my BSL's.
9. What's the most surprising thing you have learned about your diabetes through exercise or relating to diabetes and exercise?
I have become much more active and have made heaps of new friends since becoming involved with HypoActive. I never knew that my diabetes could have such a positive effect on my life.
10. What has been the greatest personal challenge you have faced since being diagnosed with T1?
Finishing my university degree. I was diagnosed in my second year of uni and there were heaps of times when I thought I couldn't finish. I love proving myself wrong!!
11. What sporting related entity do you find inspiring and why?
I found myself incredibly inspired by Sally McLellan's Olympic effort at the Beijing games. She was obviously out there to challenge herself, the medal was a bonus. Anyone who can challenge themselves to that level is worth looking up to.