Craig Sharpe

Craig on the Great Victorian Bike Ride

Name  Craig Sharpe
Year born 1963
Year diagnosed with type 1 1976
Your day job  Business Analyst NAB Projects
Your after hours job Managing a wife, 2 teenage daughters and a rocket dog (also female). And yes I check my belt, shoe laces and razor blades at the door and hide my wallet in the garden.
Sporting preference  Love to ride my bike down Beach Rd admiring the views (Note : Eye Candy does not prevent Hypo's)
What you hope to bring to HypoActive Smiles laughs and friendship with all Type 1's who are Living the Dream! Oh and keeping HypoActive's finances in order.
The last time you tested and got a 5.5 Here is the weekends average from Sunday's 103km ride on the 31st July (see pic). This is why I love the bike!

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