Dan Seller

Dan has been involved with HypoActive since its inception, previously holding the positions of Treasurer and Vice President. As one of the few HypoActive members to have attempted and completed the Mega Tri Series (the MS MegaSwim, the Murray to Moyne Cycle relay and the Run for the Kids), Dan is a familar face to many.
For those of you who haven't yet had the chance to meet Dan, we've asked him a few questions about what he gets up to and how he manages his diabetes and the demands of exercise.
1. Describe yourself in 10 words
Bad jokes, caffeine addiction, not as fit as I'd like.
2.What do you do during the day?
ICU physio at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne. (translation: mainly respiratory treatment, and VERY early rehab of critically ill medical and surgical patients)
3. What is your fave thing to do on Saturday?  
Morning ride interrupted by breakfast; rest of the day doing as little as I can get away with, possibly in a cafe somewhere.
4. When were you diagnosed with T1 and what insulin regime are you on?
Diagnosed in 1989 (week before finals series), am currently on a Paradigm 722 pump.
5. What made you first decide to participate in an activity with HypoActive?
When I heard about first Murray to Moyne from Monique, I thought it would be a good challenge for me, and also a great experience to be part of as a group.
6. What regular exercise do you do? What irregular exercise do you do?
Regular: Walk to and from work every day (along Brunswick St - see #1), as well as ~weekly ride along Beach Road, and try to run about weekly as well. Irregular: try to participate in most of the HypoActive events - particularly if it's a sport I've not taken part in before - such as Murray to Moyne, MegaSwim, Run for Kids, Murray Marathon, Ski trip. Am also planning on doing Melbourne Half-marathon next year, and a triathlon (before the bay gets too dangerous to swim in).
7. What's your favourite/most challenging HypoActive event and why?
I don't have a specific favourite event, but I really enjoy the team events, where we have lots of people who've not really experienced exercising with other people before - particularly those learning how other people in the group manage their diabetes - and when they realise that it doesn't need to limit them in what they do. I also take a bit of satisfaction from seeing people succeed who have trained hard for an event.
8. How do you need to modify your diabetes regime when you exercise? Does this change depending on what activity you are undertaking (i.e. varying intensity, duration etc)?
I run with a temporary basal rate for the duration of whatever I'm doing - for cycling ~5-10%, walking (hiking) ~5-20%, running ~0-5%. I find that whilst these rates seem a lot lower than anyone else I know, if I run any higher, I seem to hypo fairly consistently. Alternatively, high intensity exercises (eg boot camp with a lot of sprinting) I ran with a much higher basal - although still reduced. I tend to find that longer duration events mean I need to keep my temp basal running for longer after the event (after Around the Bay this year, I think it took me 24 hours to get back up to my normal basal rate).
9. What's the most surprising thing you have learned about your diabetes through exercise or relating to diabetes and exercise?
I'm constantly amazed at how much small improvements in either diabetes control, or diabetes awareness (knowing what is likely to happen in certain situations) can lead to huge improvements in exercise performance - these days it's much more likely to be my fitness which limits me than my diabetes.
10. What has been the greatest personal challenge you have faced since being diagnosed with T1?
I think I had some difficulty adjusting to life at college with diabetes - at that stage I was much more reluctant to share about it than I am now; I had probably been like that for a long time, but as I'd been at the same school for so long previously, everyone knew without me needing to bring it up. Once I got to college, and had to "introduce" myself to a new social situation, I didn't know how to bring that up, or even if I wanted to - for a while I went out of my way to avoid telling many people at all. I think I found the question of whether to go onto a pump quite challenging - although certainly feel that I have made the right decision.
11. What sporting related entity do you find inspiring and why?