Danielle Harrison


Name Danielle Harrison
Year born 1973
Year diagnosed with type 1 1981 I think!!
Your day job Credentialled Diabetes Educator
Your after hours job/interests Bushwalking, Bike riding, Reading, DVDs, Homemade pizza with a good bottle of Brown Brothers wine, My cat Kendra (keeps me company when hubby working).
Sporting preference Prob bike first, then walking, then the gym
What you hope to bring to HypoActive I hope to bring my energy and enthusiasm for diabetes from personal and professional viewpoints . My Mum also had type 1 diabetes for 58years. I didn’t always work as a diabetes nurse and the last 4 ½ years I have enjoyed working with patients that have diabetes and I definitely see a need for Type 1 diabetes to be promoted more in terms of support and encouragement for people with Type 1 as it can be a lonely life and I’ve had patients with type 1 that when I told them I had type 1 they were just so excited to meet someone else with type 1.

Kendra the cat, and a close-but-no-cigar 5.4 (proving that the elusive 5.5s are just that!!)