Hi Everyone,

I hope everybody got a break and had a chance to enjoy themselves over Christmas. This is just a short issue this month, as there's not a lot going on over the festive time with us. And as Christmas Day is my birthday, I hope you'll indulge me a little with my yuletide story.

I once built a deck for our two family dogs. They used to clatter and fall about all over the retaining rockery that gave them a view through the kitchen window, so I built them a platform from which they could hang their paws and watch food being prepared. Because it was dog-sized I've always thought of this as being half a deck. 0.5. I've built a number of other wooden decks and the day before Christmas Eve I completed one at the new home we set up this year. This is the fifth human-sized deck I've constructed and I've added on the dogs' half. You've heard of Mambo No 5 - this is Deck No 5.5. Perfect.

It's 5500 mm long (that's 5.5 metres). The Griplock decking nails I used to fix on the top were all 55 mm long (that's 5.5 cm). I even got to use my favourite drill bit while wrestling with the joists.

When I'd completed all my hard labours and the final tap from the hammer had finished echoing round the fences, a family member was kind enough to bring me a beer to enjoy relaxing back on the seasoning timbers. Two, in fact. As the cool of late afternoon began to arrive I glanced at the labels of these two unfamiliar beers. I wondered at their alcoholic strength and beamed like a Trekkie when I saw they were both 5.5% alcohol. Perfect once again.

And then, because, as you know, I have type 1 diabetes, a sudden urge to know my blood sugar level came over me. And guess what?

Seriously though, my BSL's have been up and down like a... well like the blood sugar levels of someone living with type 1 diabetes. Hope yours have been behaving themselves.





Bigger Than Ever Family Fun for Type 1's

Thanks to everyone who came along to Kevin Bartlett Reserve on 27th November for the monthly Fun Run/Walk/Ride, followed by the HypoActive Xmas BBQ Brunch. Appetites were strong and numbers were almost excessive with a lovely bunch of type 1's and their families and friends enjoying plenty of free diabetic food, giving support and celebrating peership and a great year for people with diabetes taking on exercise.

Thanks to Danielle, Trevor and Kym for volunteering to cook and thanks hugely to John and Kerri Thompson for organising this terrific event. Keep your eyes peeled for news of more of John's popular exercise sessions in 2017.



Indulging myself once more, I just thought I'd share with everyone this wonderful present I got from my daughter Akira.

I thought it showed not just a fair bit of effort, but also quite some concern and understanding. What would we do without those who care?





That's all for now.

All the best,