Even Olympians get the pre-event nervous spikes!

Ever felt so nervous before an activity (competition, race, performance or even an important speech) that your blood sugars spikes before you even begin?

This is a common symptom of adrenaline, and you are not alone in the challenges of trying to manage it.  Do you take more insulin or just ride out the spike?  It is difficult to know what to do.

Winter Olympian Kris Freeman, a cross country skiier for the USA, also encounters this problem before big events.  Although this is not a 'tip' per se, it might be reassuring to read that you are not alone in this area:


One important technique to learn is to ensure you are mentally prepared for your activity no matter how important or stressful it might be.  The more prepared, the greater chance you have of relaxing a little more and not allowing adrenaline to take over so much it has a negative impact on performance.  Mental imagery and other relaxing techniques can also help.