Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all having a truly 5.5 day, even if your blood sugar levels are choosing to be idiosyncratic, even eccentric. Because I know they do that. I've had quite a rollercoaster ride with my type 1 management since I emerged from my immobilisation a few months ago and when I saw my endo this week I was expecting my HbA1c to be frightful. In fact, it was the best I've ever had and although I had to share concern with my good doctor that this actually meant I was getting hypo too much, I still went down to the beach after the consultation and yelled the number out to the ocean.

'Blah point blah' I shouted. The waves got it.

Also this week, I'm proud to say, I got an invitation to give a lecture to medical students at Bond University. On diabetes. I'm sure you can imagine how this made me feel. They're going to be dragging me out of that lecture theatre with nets and dogs while I'm shouting 'I haven't finished yet!'

There are a number of aspects of medical supervision of people with type 1 that I feel strongly they should understand from a patient's perspective. I won't go into them here - you can probably imagine. I bet everyone's dealt with doctors who just don't get it. But I'll certainly be giving them high doses of stuff about the enormous value of peer support and the almost irrational benefits of exercise.

Now here's a thing. I would be genuinely interested in any points that HypoActive members feel I should include when I talk to these first year medical students. I can't promise I will include your input, but I would very much appreciate hearing it. If anyone would like to send me what they feel needs saying, do it right here.




  • Fun Run/Walk/Ride: February at The Beach
  • MS Mega Swim: Stingrays Dive In Right Now
  • 2017 Murray to Moyne: HypoActive Needs Riders
  • Run for the Kids: Or you can Walk


  • Dave Barnes; Type 1 Tassie Hero in Geelong
  • Diabetes Expo 17: This Weekend
  • Scuba Diving: National OK for Type 1's





Brighton Beach - Sun, Sand and Insulin

Event Date: 26 Feb 2017 (This weekend!)

Our February fun get-together is at the iconic and beautiful beach at Brighton. Affluent and hopefully salubrious, Brighton Beach can be enjoyed by everyone and is the perfect place for some Sunday morning type 1 exercise. Paths run through palm trees, palms and open lawns and there's a good choice of distances to cover. It's also great for bikes.

So come along and join us. Meeting is at 9.30 am (SHARP!) and refueling is at North Point Cafe at 10.30 - and as usual, you're very welcome to just meet the group at the cafe for coffee and the digestion of the morning's activity. For anyone exercising, you choose how far and fast you run, walk or ride - this is very informal and designed for all levels of fitness. It's designed just for you.

If you're coming along please shoot John Thompson a line and let him know. Check out more details, including parking strategy, here.

The next HypoActive Fun Run/Walk/Ride is at Williamstown on 26th March.



HypoActive Stingrays Ready to Dive

Event Date: 24 Feb 2017

Once again our fearless Stingrays are donning their costumes and heading for Fitzroy Pool. The MS Mega Swim is a relay. Teams have to keep a swimmer in the water at all times and there are prizes for number of laps. If you're in the area (160 Alexander Parade, Fitzroy) why not drop in and give our type 1 team a cheer. 



Our Team Needs Riders!!

Event Date: 31 Mar - 2 Apr 2017

The Murray to Moyne (M2M) is a 520 km, 24-hour cycle relay across western Victoria, from the Murray River down to Port Fairy. HypoActive has put together a fully type 1 team for this event for 15 years. In early days it was a struggle, but the event for us has turned into a celebration of achievement. A well-oiled type 1 machine that with the help of a few very tough cyclists allows those of much less ability to have the experience of a lifetime as part of the same team.

This year, we are getting close to the event and still don't have the full quota of riders. Get in touch this weekend if you want to give it a go. We still need some of the strong and the fast, but if that's not you, we need you anyway. This is not just an event for the super fit. You will not be asked to do anything you don't want to. Because we're a team. Not just a bunch of cyclists in an event - a bonded team of riders, all with type 1 diabetes to manage on top of all life's other challenges.

HypoActive riders: some tough, some not so tough

Join us. Get in touch with Laura or Maria through our Facebook page.



First HypoActive Team Running Event for the Year!

Event Date: 9 Apr 2017

This is a great opportunity to get out there in a massive high-profile Melbourne event wearing your HypoActive running gear and showing how type 1's won't be stopped from getting active and healthy. Whether you run fast or take your time, show the world you can do it!

The 2017 Herald Sun/CityLink Run for the Kids has two course options: 14.6 km and 4.8 km. The shorter scenic course is now available to allow those participants who do not feel comfortable running or jogging the longer distance but wish to be involved in the event and raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Check out the event website for more info and to enter: Run For The Kids. To enter as part of the HypoActive team, get in touch with John Thompson here.





Huge Type 1 Success

Last Sunday, HypoActive members gathered in Geelong, not to compete, but to give support to one Tasmanian type 1 who had taken on one of the biggest challenges imaginable. This event is a two km swim, a 90 km bike ride, then a 21 km run. Dave completed the course through headwinds, hail and haemorrhage and with bgl's that could have knocked out ten men.

But he completed it in fine time, despite these huge challenges. Dave has written a really excellent report on the HA Facebook page and not just talked about his experience but been very candid about his type 1 management. Frankly, his bgl's were worrying and he's said that that is going to be fixed for the future. But it's an extraordinary and educational read for anyone with type 1 thinking about the limits.

Read Dave's report here.

Dave's final comment: 'Run your own race. Thanks for your support and care over the weekend Hypoactive. You're all ace.' Well Dave, I think you've supported and cared for us very well indeed with your efforts and sharing. You're ace.



Connecting the Diabetes Community

Event Date: Saturday 25 Feb 2017 - that's this weekend!!!

Diabetes Victoria have done it again: they've put on a massive, top quality day of speakers, exhibitions and diabetic food coming up soon. Speakers include award-winning Cheryl Steele and world-famous gastronome Gabriel Gate, as well as a range of top medicos and academics. Exhibitors, including Abbott, Pharmaco Diabetes, Medtronic and AMSL Diabetes, will be showcasing the latest technologies, products and services in diabetes. Here's your chance to meet the makers and ask the hard questions. Food options range from muffins, muesli and trail mix to smoked ocean trout, grilled chicken and Israeli cous cous. Yum.

The event is being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, there are live cooking demonstrations and even a show bag. There will certainly be HypoActives proudly wearing their Insulin Injected Engine® gear in evidence. To book or find out more, just visit the Diabetes Expo 2017 website here.



Diving Revelations

In 2015 the Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) commissioned a working group to review its position statement on scuba diving in people with diabetes. The working group consisted of endocrinologists with an interest in type 1 diabetes, diving medical specialists, a recreational diver with diabetes and an advocate for people with type 1 diabetes. Top crew.

Subsequently, the ADS revised its position statement on recreational scuba diving, allowing individuals with well-managed diabetes to dive safely. Excellent work, in my opinion. With the right management, why not? And great news for any type 1's quite reasonably wanting to get active underwater.

I have to admit though, reading the paper I did have a little revelation of my own. I thought scuba was just a word, but it's not. It's an acronym. SCUBA: self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. In all my long years I had no idea. Could have knocked me down with a feather.



That's all for now.

All the best,