For a number of years now, HypoActive has been thrilled to put on a big BBQ feed to celebrate Christmas and the peer support that we provide. John and Kerri Thompson are once again donning their type 1 cook's hats and serving up a sizzling sensation for all who wish to join us. There is the opportunity to exercise before tucking in - with HypoActive Fun Run/Walk/Ride No 47 taking place that morning - or you are very welcome to just come along, share food and relish the company of other type 1's who are taking on the challenge of an active lifestyle.

HypoActive Christmas brunch 2014: the perfect type 1 get-together

Last year's Yuletide feast was held in Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Richmond, and this proved to be a superb spot, both for hoofing and puffing round the Yarra and the park, and for having a great gathering to celebrate the end of the year. Numbers and spirits were high, but with plenty of healthy food everyone's bgl's were optimum, which made for a perfect late breakfast for all type 1's, their friends and families.

Because of last year's success - great turn-out and everyone loved it - we've decided to return to Kevin Bartlett Reserve for this year's Christmas do. Once again, John and Kerri are in negotiations with their butcher, baker and greengrocer and researching heavily the perfect way to prepare and present all the very best and most popular BBQ treats. 

It's been a fabulous year for HypoActive with the number of people - and especially type 1's new to us - getting involved with our events. And this is going to be a type 1 gathering and feast you'll never forget.

You're invited and it costs nothing. Run, cycle or walk to your heart and disabled pancreas's content, or just arrive fashionably late and in time to eat. Kevin Bartlett Reserve has some superb paths to follow. Contact John if you think you can join us - we'd love to see you there!