The Marvellous Maribyrnong at Essendon

The next HypoActive Fun Run/Walk/Ride is at this fantastic location on the mighty Maribyrnong River in Essendon. As Melbourne's green wedges go, the Maribyrnong is probably the finest. There are paths and cycleways aplenty along both sides of this majestic waterway and even bridges to create scenic loops. If you bring your bike and feel like just carrying on you can ride all the way up to Brimbank Park, through some of Melbourne's finest riverside parklands, or head straight down to Docklands and Footscray. In Essenden itself, there are massive wide paths, very little traffic and enough people out exercising to keep you motivated and moving. But if it's the meet you like, there's a superb cafe lined up for the post-activity refueling. 

Beautiful spot on Melbourne's most picturesque river

The meeting is at 9.30 am (SHARP!) in the Poynton's Nursery car park, corner Vida Street and The Boulevard, Essendon (Aberfeldie on GPS),  Melways Reference  Map 28 C6. There is always the option to just come and meet everyone at the Boulevard Cafe (in the nursery) for coffee/milkshakes/smoothies around 10.30 am / 11.00 am. There is now a handful of people who come and meet the group after exercise and it's always a pleasure to see them - you are very welcome. The food and drinks here are terrific.

As at all of these HypoActive events, all are welcome, regardless of fitness levels and you determine how far you want to run/walk/ride and how fast. Come along on a bike and it would be great to see you even if you just say g'day and then head off into the distant hills. Alternatively, it would be fabulous to hear what you've been up to if you arrive on a bike at the cafe and share your morning adventures over a delicious smoothie. Just get running and get pedalling.

Smoothies tdf

The Poynton's Nursery (Boulevard Cafe) website tells me that Daphne is now in flower and I'm absolutely sure that isn't to be missed. What is always certain is that type 1 company - time with your peers who live with type 1 diabetes - is one of the most valuable things you could put in your life, especially when you're taking on the difficult challenge of exercise. With HypoActive Fun Runs/Walks/Rides that boost to your knowledge base, your spirit and your energy levels is free. If you would like to join us or need more info, please get in touch with John Thompson here.

See you there with your glucometer and some jelly beans!