Top Type 1 Image Announced

After months of piling up and sifting through high quality, high-res photos, the HypoActive committee set aside hours to study the true contenders and finally came to a decision. It wasn't easy, as in fact every member of the committee preferred a different one, but a deciding vote was called for and given.

And so, on behalf of everyone behind the scenes at HypoActive, the winner of this outstanding contest is... Kym Davern with her sharp and punchy Animas Vibe shot.

This photo is superbly executed on a number of levels. The 5.5 seen here is tasteful, rather than boastful, as it rests neatly on the folds of a sports garment, showing not only that exercise is possible for type 1's, but giving just the suggestion that type 1 management might be better if you do. The saucy little turquoise arrow points horizontally, giving that emphasis of happy results.

Although the bold OK clearly means something to do with operating the Animas pump, here it adds reassurance and a positive vibe. The waves of the text above the little machine give the feeling of a flag in the wind, celebrating the union of type 1 diabetes and exercise, through that very special medium - HypoActive. Although inanimate, it's up close and personal. Like life, it has the air of being both random and contrived. It's got winner written all over it.

So congratulations Kym, you get to choose $100 worth of HypoActive gear for yourself. Christmas has come early.

But I'd certainly like to give a mention to a couple of very close contenders. First off the rank was Simon Rich, who sent in a dynamic action shot of himself on his sleek black road bike. Unfortunately, the picture had a copyright notice across the centre, so I'm afraid I can't reproduce it here. So here's another picture of Simon taken at the UCI Road World Championships in Geelong in 2010. Still wearing that fabulous jersey.

Simon wrote a great report of his experience of completing the Tour de Bright in 2010. You can read it here: Breathtaking...

​Worthy of a grand mention and only missing the top spot by a whisker are the pictures sent in by Jean Mehrtens. A while ago Jean pulled on her Insulin Injected Engine® jersey and rode the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail from the snow-capped peaks around Mount Cook down through New Zealand's beautiful South Island to the Pacific Ocean at Oamaru.

The message here is clear. Managing type 1 diabetes and exercise is an achievement, just like finishing an arduous cycling journey: taking on exercise when you're a type 1 can be like riding a bike into a dark railway tunnel, wearing a volcano on your head or stepping into a small helicopter with an old fart. Many thanks Jean for sharing your type 1 bravery and success.

Huge thanks to all those HypoActives who sent in pictures. They were all brilliant. Even though the competition is over you can still send in pics of you and your HypoActive gear - or just the gear - and we'll find a spot for them in the newsletter or on the website.

Here's to you, type 1 diabetes...