Fashionable and Charming: Type 1's in Williamstown

60th Anniversary - Diamonds are Forever

Our next Fun Run/Walk/Ride is all about taking in the best of this attractive township on the western side of the mouth of the great Yarra. It may be wild further west, but here it's the dependable clank of ropes on masts; the intriguing aromas from onboard BBQ's; and the company of wild seabirds more travelled than most Williamstown sailors, who are generally more wealthy than weatherworn.

Williamstown was a strong and busy port settlement in the 19th century and still boasts many handsome early buildings. Today it's the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning whether you're out for some energetic enterprise, interested in some top class fare, heading to meet and greet - and most especially if you're after all three.

Williamstown - full steam ahead for type 1's

HypoActives will be meeting at 9.30 am (SHARP!) in Nelson Place to the left of the tennis courts. Come down Parker Street, turn left into Nelson Place then right into the car park.  Melways ref: Map 56 D8. Parking is $3.00 per hour. There's also free parking close by, but then there's a short walk to the start.  

Everybody is always welcome, regardless of your fitness level and you determine how far and fast you want to run/walk/ride. 
The other option is just come and meet everyone at the cafe for coffee or a milkshake at 10.30 to 11.00 am.

Rehydration and refueling - coffee, shakes, snacks and even meals - will be undertaken at The Groove Lounge at 179 Nelson Place. The Groove Lounge specialises in wholesome, made-with-love food and is the perfect place for type 1's to gather, share and learn. The Groove Big Breaky would be a groovy place to start.

John Thompson, our glorious, tireless Fun Run planner, a diamond of a type 1, has as always been studying the lie of the land and has worked out some fiendishly clever, but utterly enjoyable, paths, loops and routes for all to follow.

John pauses only to peruse the Williamstown tennis courts

If you're planning on coming along or need to know more, contact John here.

Look forward to seeing you there!