Carrum Calling

John Thompson, our bold and long-term fun run/walk/ride organiser, loves to break the rules and this month he's pulled a shiner. This get-together is not on the last Sunday of the month, but the penultimate one. Can we cope?

The reason for this is that Run Melbourne is on the 30th​, the final Sunday, and John and a few other keen as mustard type 1's will be there giving it their best shot and showing many thousands of people that type 1 diabetes doesn't stop athletic achievement and and a healthy lifestyle. Good for every one of them. So huge thanks really to John for thinking of those who are very fond of their monthly fun run/walk/ride and organising this event on an unconventional date. And it looks like a fantastic location, with plenty of distance to cover - or not - along the Patterson River.

The Patterson River at Carrum has an intriguing past. It's actually an artificial waterway, built less than 150 years ago to drain the swamps fed by Dandenong Creek. It is Victoria's shortest river - at about five km - but it has a flat, shared pathway along either bank for some distance up river and is an ideal, quiet spot for some good exercise.

As always, meeting will be at 9.30 am (SHARP!), and as ever everyone is welcome to come along, no matter how strong or fit they are. You get to choose how far and how fast you want to exercise. In fact, you're welcome to come along just for coffee or a snack after everyone has finished their exercise and chat with other type 1's. This can be very helpful if you want to find out how other people have tackled the problems and barriers that lead to getting fit and getting healthy.

After-session food and drinks will be had at TRAX 627 (627 Nepean Highway, Carrum). This is a place where people bust moves like there are no more Mondays, but usually a bit later in the day. If you're there at 10.30 - 11.00 on 23rd you can have a much more relaxed time chatting with other type 1's about exercise, it's difficulties and how to overcome them. They have a great range of cooked breakfasts and a big variety of fluid refreshment.

For more information on parking, where to meet, and all your different exercise options at Patterson River, or just to let us know you're coming, please get in touch with John here.

Look forward to seeing you there.