Brimbank Park: Melbourne's Finest

This is the second get-together at this fabulous park in northwest of Melbourne. Brimbank Park is my old stomping ground and I used to train here until I'd worn through my tyres. It's an amphitheatre-shaped space, a great basin carved out of the basaltic plain by the Maribyrnong River over millions of years. The brim of the bank on the western side is a full 55 metres above the river - a ten-fold version of the perfect number. To the east the slopes rise more gently and the great curves of the Maribyrnong flow round thick native bushland, home to a huge range of birds and mammals. There are bronzewings and thornbills, kangaroos and wallabies, falcons and kites - and lots of rabbits. 

Although this is indeed the perfect place to train for tough climbs either on foot or on your bicycle, don't worry, if you join us you won't be expected to charge at steep slopes. There are many looping and picturesque paths running through the park as well as picnic grounds and even a cafe. There's plenty of distance to explore, lots of it alongside the beautiful Maribyrnong River, without getting any altitude.

Brimbank Park lies in the midst of the sweating industry of Melbourne's hard-working northwest, but from the major roads all around it's far too much of a dip in the landscape to be noticed and from the park you see only bush.

Bike riders can ride all the way down to the mouth of the Maribyrnong at Footscray from here. It's about 25 km, but it's quite possibly Melbourne's finest recreational trail and there are some marvellous things to see along the way.

The event will start at 9.30 am (SHARP!). The vital refueling will happen at The Brownstone Cafe (formerly the Leaping Lizard) at about 10.30 am.  They do an avocado smash with dukkha spice and snow pea tendrils for breakfast, which sounds, well, smashing. The meet is outside the cafe.

As always, you decide how far and how fast you want to walk, run or ride and you're very welcome to just come along and join the group at the cafe afterwards if you'd like the company and to talk about strategies for taking on exercise while managing type 1 diabetes.

Our bold and tireless Fun Run/Walk/Ride organiser, John Thompson, will have some routes already mapped out, so if you'd like to know more or where to meet everyone, just shoot him an email. John can also put you on his very select email list so that you get all this info before anyone else knows. Find John here.