Albert Park

Type 1 John Thompson always leading the way

As Australia gently warms its way out of winter, our second spring social exercise get-together is located in Albert Park, in the shadow of the city, but in full glorious sunshine. Once a lagoon in the Yarra River delta, Albert Park Lake is now the home of many sporting and athletic activities, with plenty of room for a keen bunch of type 1's to have some HypoActive fun.

Grand Prix racing cars have been vrooming their way round the park for 20 years now, but it hasn't put off any of the annual five million visitors the park receives. Hopefully they won't all be there on 29th October when the meet is at 9.30 am (SHARP!) on Aquatic Drive, opposite the yacht club. The easiest way to get to the start is via Albert Rd Drive and then take a right turn into Aquatic Drive. Melways reference: Map 2K F6. Email John if you're not sure and he can send you a very good map.

As always, you can pick how far and fast you want to run, walk or ride. The loop of the lake is five kilometres, which is an excellent run or walk, but you certainly don't need to go that far if you don.t want to. If you're not one of those out pretending to be a racing car, but want to come along and pick the brains of those type 1's who do exercise while you're making big plans to join the gang - you are very welcome indeed. There are usually a few who join us after the event and it's always great to see them.

The cafe for refueling is the Albert Park Yacht Club Kiosk. They do legendary milkshakes. If you want a good idea what time the Insulin Injected Engines® will be rolling past the chequered flag at the kiosk, just ask John.

If you think you might come along or want to know more, please shoot John an email here.

Look forward to seeing you there!