Williamstown: Fashionable and Salubrious, just like HypoActive

Williamstown was a strong and busy port settlement in the 19th century and still boasts many handsome early buildings. Today it's the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning whether you're out for some energetic enterprise, interested in some top class fare, heading to meet and greet - and most especially if you're after all three in the very best company - other people living with type 1 diabetes.

February's Fun Run/Walk/Ride is scheduled on the same day as the Big Bay Swim event, which means there will be hundreds of people throwing themselves in the water at Port Melbourne and splashing their way across to Commonwealth Reserve at Williamstown. The big ships have all promised not to cruise through while swimmers are in the water and there will be a huge family-orientated bash in the park once it's done.

Check out the Big Bay Swim website here - maybe you could have a go before teaming up with HypoActive. HA's vice president Kat Price is competing in the Big Bay Swim, so why not come along just to give her a fabulous welcome to Williamstown when she completes the epic swim. 

Meeting for the HA Fun Run/Walk/Ride is at 9.20 am for a prompt 9.30 am start. The meeting point is in Nelson Place, to the left of the Liston Tennis Courts as you face the bay. There will certainly be a scarcity of parking in Williamstown on the day, so drive early or take public transport.

Williamstown has some good quality tracks that will lead you along the foreshore and through some great natural, coastal parks, as well as have you mingling with the yacht set, taking in the aromas of what chef serves on deck. Let's hope those swimmers don't get too distracted by seafood snacks as they weave through the Willie flotilla approaching their goal.

Rehydration and refueling - coffee, shakes, snacks and even meals - will be undertaken at The Groove Lounge at 179 Nelson Place at around 10.30 am. The Groove Lounge specialises in wholesome, made-with-love food and is the perfect place for type 1's to gather, share and learn. The Groove Big Breaky would be a groovy place to start.

John Thompson has as always been studying the lie of the land and has worked out some fiendishly clever, but utterly enjoyable, paths, loops and routes for all to follow. Everyone should be able to stay in with all the action, as well as get far from the madding crowd.

If you can come along, please get in touch with John here.