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Middle of summer and everyone's sweltering. It does seem hard to get out and keep fit in this weather. Never mind: they do say exercising in high temperatures is great training for exerting yourself in hot places. I do find it plays havoc with my blood sugar levels, but then so does everything else.

Thanks for the feedback on last month's blurb. Nice to know you're appreciated, great to raise a smile. We've got the 2017 HypoActive calendar compiled and ready to study (see below and thanks John). It's looking like a very full and active year. We don't often get to host an AcT1vate, so we're all very excited that there will be one towards the end of the year.

For those who are unfamiliar, AcT1vate is a residential weekend with every minute crammed with all sorts of info, chats, lectures and physical activities, all concerning type 1 diabetes and exercise. It's tailored for all: very good value for those wanting to take the giant leap into getting active, but also well worth the attention of high-achieving performers. Other people have tried - and done a terrific job - but we did it first and we do it best. Because we all live with this condition - and get it. So check it out.

There's tons to read in this month's newsletter, so let's get on with it.




  • Fun Run/Walk/Ride: January at The Stud
  • MS Mega Swim: Stingrays Dive In
  • 2017 Murray to Moyne: Take the Big Challenge
  • 2017 AcT1vate: Jump On


  • HypoActive Calendar: 2017 is a Big Year
  • Dan, Ben, Rowan: Big Changes on HA Committee
  • HypoActive Inc: Inc is Cool


  • Optimal Health Program: Help for People with Diabetes
  • Diabetes Australia: Important National Survey
  • Diabetes Victoria: Giant Diabetes Expo





Studley Park - Don't Miss the Boat

Event Date: 29th January 2017 (This weekend!)

Starting the HypoActive year with this old favourite, Studley Park is quite possibly the best location for HypoActive Fun Run/Walk/Rides. It's truly picturesque, so close to the city, yet with all the looks and ambience of deep bush. It's a lovely spot. It has numerous and diverse paths and tracks, so type 1 exercisers can choose precisely how much of the puffy stuff they want to take on and whether they want a warm wooded workout or a rigorous riverside run. 

As always, meeting is at 9.30 am (SHARP!), you can choose however far and fast you want to run, walk or ride and are welcome to join the group for after-exercise food and drinks and a good old chat about hypos and lollies. Refueling is at The Boathouse at around 10.30 am. Check out the webpage for al the details and please drop John Thompson a line if you think you'll join us or if you need to know more.

Next month's get-together is at Brighton.



Making Waves with HypoActive Stingrays 

Event Date: 24th February 2017

Kat Price is doing a wonderful job captaining the Stingrays this year. She's been taking on bold and difficult ocean swims as training for the event, so it looks like there'll be some strong swimming on the night. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to net a full school of Stingrays this time, so the team is focused on the Friday evening stretch of the event.

There is still plenty of room for more swimmers and crew, so if you can join in or help out, please get in touch with Kat here.

And of course if you want to show your support by making a donation to MS, you can go straight to the Stingray fundraising page here.



Cry HypoActive! and Let Slip the Type 1 Cyclists

Event Date: Friday 31st March - Sunday 2nd April

Once more HypoActive is forming a team for this iconic cycling event. The M2M is a 24-hour, 520 km relay across the plains of western Victoria, from the banks of the Murray River all the way to the mouth of the Moyne River at Port Fairy. This was HypoActive's founding event - the group formed from those who survived the first type 1 team to take on the challenge. This will be the 16th year that HA flies the flag for type 1 diabetes and exercise and once more we're doing it to raise much needed funds for type 1 children's camps and HypoActive events.

The relay is organised in small groups of similar cycling ability, so you don't have to be an Olympic pedaller to take part. You do have to be able to cycle for an hour at a time. More than once. It's a weekend on the road and crammed into a support bus surrounded by other type 1's, both riders and crew, and although you may come away with sore legs, it's guaranteed to leave you with memories to treasure forever.

This year Laura and Maria are co-captaining the ride so it promises to be a fabulous type 1 weekend. There is much organising going on at the moment and if you'd like to get involved please contact Laura here.



The Original. The Best.

This year will definitely see another version of this extraordinary weekend of workshops, forums, talks and activities all focussed on what we love - type 1 diabetes and exercise. AcT1vate will answer your questions. AcT1vate will motivate you. AcT1vate will show you the way. And as ever, the power and feeling you get from the very best kind of support - peer support - will give you a huge step up into getting healthy and being well in every way.

At this stage it looks likely that the event will take place over the first weekend of December, so pencil it in. We should have a set date and venue next month and I'll let you know as soon as you can register. Type 1's all over Australia (and beyond) know that HypoActive delivers the very best event of this kind. We've got the know-how - and T1DM - so places always go fast.

There is a survey, which is still open. Help us out by having your say. Have you ever been to an AcT1vate conference? Would you like to go to one in 2017? Fill in the survey to let us know what you'd like to see and do at AcT1vate 2017. Check it out.

Volunteers are still needed to organise and contribute. Getting involved could be a very smart move. If you'd like to know more please get in touch here.





Great Events Throughout the Year

Many thanks to John Thompson for compiling this year's calendar of events. John is the tireless organiser of the monthly Fun Run/Walk/Rides and also gathers type 1 teams for major running events in Victoria. We have other events organised through the committee, including cycling, swimming and the fabulous AcT1vate.

So check out our new calendar here. If you've got a good idea for a type 1 event, please get in touch and we can see about getting it the HypoActive label and popping it right into our calendar.



Big Changes, Huge Thanks to All

There have been some changes on the committee just lately. Firstly, every one of us would like to say an enormous thanks to Dan Seller. Dan has stepped down as vice president. It's been tricky for him after his move to New Zealand a couple of years ago, but after receiving the wonderful news of an impending child, he has had to say farewell. Dan has been involved with HypoActive since its inception, previously holding the positions of treasurer and vice president. As one of the few HypoActive members to have attempted and completed the Mega Tri Series (the MS MegaSwim, the Murray to Moyne Cycle relay and the Run for the Kids), as well as odd HypoActive events involving boats and skis, Dan is a familiar face to many.

Dan Seller - familiar face

Not just a big thanks to Dan, but also congratulations. They're going to be the best dad jokes ever. All the very best Dan.

Welcome, or rather welcome back, to Ben Howell. Ben has had giant input to HypoActive in the past, in the role of vice president as well as captaining the tall ship that is the Murray to Moyne annual cycle relay and having high input in organising the last AcT1vate weekend. Ben is a professional at the top level of local government, a very sound voice and a true asset to the committee. Huge thanks for rejoining us Ben.

Thumbs up for Ben

New to the top echelons of the HypoActive behind-the-scenes workings is Rowan Callaghan. Rowan is a family man and a martial arts expert. He has had type 1 since he was 9, but he's not the only one in his family. Says Rowan: 'I have 3 children with a beautiful wife of which my son Lawson is also a type 1 diagnosed when he was 5. I have recently taken up cycling upwards of 18 months ago and I’m loving everything about it. HypoActive has given me an outlet to show my son he can achieve anything he wants too. The HypoActive cyclists I ride with are terrific and push you to be your best. They have given me so much without expecting anything in return. The Walk/Run/Cycle club is a great place to meet up and I encourage everyone to come along.'

Rowan - welcome aboard

Thanks Rowan from all of us for taking the plunge and helping out.



Incorporation - What Does it Mean?

HypoActive has become incorporated. Incorporation is a system of state government registration that gives an association or community group certain legal advantages in return for accepting certain legal responsibilities. Not-for-profit community groups can be unregistered bodies acting under their own rules, or they can be formally recognised with a legal personality of their own. 

HypoActive is already registered with the appropriate bodies as a charity and a fundraiser, but now we've taken on the solidity and security of a formal entity. This is good for everybody, even though there's a bit more paperwork. None of this makes any difference to the activities we organise, or, heaven forbid, the charming and amusing monthly newsletter. If you have any questions about this incorporation, please shoot them through.





For People with Diabetes

Some readers may remember this valuable work coming up in the newsletter before. There are some top medical academics at St Vincent's Hospital who oversee this research project based at the Mental Health Research Institute inside the hospital. The initiative is aimed at people with medical conditions, and a whole part of the program is designed for type 1's who may be dealing with stress, burnout or other difficulties, but is focussed on well-being and strengths rather than illness.

I know of at least one HypoActive member who took the step of finding out more about the program and benefitted significantly. This could be free help that could change your life for the better. Here's their leaflet. For more information or a chat about what's on offer, contact Casey O’Brien on (03) 9231 3768.



Important for Support Group Funding

Diabetes Australia, in this instance through Diabetes Victoria, are conducting a massive survey in order to gather all the vital information they need to make decisions about what kinds of diabetes peer support groups are important, why and who should get some funding. This is a significant survey being conducted nationally, is for support group members to fill out and is anonymous

This survey is essential in ensuring that adequate funding is maintained in order to keep the peer support program running and to help DA/DV make any improvements to the existing structure.

It will also give members an opportunity to have their say regarding being part of a Diabetes Victoria support group. 

The survey needs to be done by 24th February. Just follow the link, print it out, fill it in, scan it and send it off to DV.



Connecting the Diabetes Community

Event Date: Saturday 25th February

Diabetes Victoria have done it again: we've got a massive, top quality day of speakers, exhibitions and diabetic food coming up soon. Speakers include award-winning Cheryl Steele and world-famous gastronome Gabriel Gate, as well as a range of top medicos and academics. Exhibitors, including Abbott, Pharmaco Diabetes, Medtronic and AMSL Diabetes, will be showcasing the latest technologies, products and services in diabetes. Food options range from muffins, muesli and trail mix to smoked ocean trout, grilled chicken and Israeli cous cous. Yum.

The event is being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, there are live cooking demonstrations and even a show bag. There will certainly be HypoActives proudly wearing their Insulin Injected Engine® gear in evidence. To book or find out more, just visit the Diabetes Expo 2017 website here.



That's all for now.

All the best,