Hi Everyone,

Hope every type 1 had a great festive season and had a chance to slide back, unwind and get some exercise.

Thanks to everyone for the response to last month's article, Interview with a Fat Guy, an informative chat with an active type 1 who has switched to fat for fuel, eschewing carbs wherever possible. I was amazed by the number of enquiries I got. It seems lowering our weapons in the fight between insulin and carbohydrate has sparked the interest of a huge number of type 1's. Most people who got in touch were keen to know what Oliver's upcoming HbA1c result was. I understand he doesn't yet have it, but I will make sure I find out and fill everyone in with any updates. 

Well, for Christmas I received a fabulous present from one of my loved ones - a copy of Adam Brown's book, Bright Spots and Landmines. Adam is a type 1 writer I've been familiar with for some time. One of the things he does is Adam's Corner, a column in diaTribe, the online not-for-profit publication aiming to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Adam takes a very practical look at stumbling blocks we all face and finds ways to help. He's a great motivator and that's what this book is all about. Even I, who have had type 1 since the mid-19th century - or maybe 20th - found it a huge uplift and got help in there I didn't even know I needed.

At the very start of this book, Adam makes his whole approach very clear. 'The premise is simple: Identify what works and focus on doing those things more often (Diabetes Bright Spots); uncover what doesn't work and find ways to do those things less often (Diabetes Landmines).' The book is then split into four major chapters on food, mindset, exercise and sleep, with masses of info and experience on how to better approach all these things.

Adam is not a top athlete, but knows full well the value of exercise. He sometimes trains up for a charity bike ride, but walking is his main thing and he makes sure he does a lot of it. His approach to this is well worked out, very logical and once again, motivating. See below for details of how you can get to read this top text. 




  • Ironman 70.3 Geelong: HypoActive Team Event
  • Next Fun Run/Walk/Ride: February in Williamstown
  • Changes on Committee: HypoActive Needs You
  • 2018 Calendar: HypoActive Events for this Year
  • Adam Brown: Bright Spots and Landmines



FreeStyle Libre Real World Results
Real-world data from more than 50,000 people show that higher rates of scanning with the FreeStyle Libre system were found to be strongly associated with improved glucose control. MORE SCANNING: Users checked their glucose levels an average of 16.3 scans per day. As scan rates increased, the following trends were observed: IMPROVED HbA1c: Average glucose level decreased as scan rate increased with estimated HbA1c decreasing from 8.0 to 6.7 percent. REDUCTION IN HYPOGLYCAEMIA: Time spent below glucose levels of 3.9, 3.1 and 2.5 mmol/L decreased by 15 percent, 40 percent and 49 percent. REDUCTION IN HYPERGLYCAEMIA: Time above 10 mmol/L decreased from 10.4 to 5.7 hours per day. INCREASED TIME IN RANGE: Time in glucose range (3.9-10 mmol/L) increased from 12.0 to 16.8 hours per day. Order your FreeStyle Libre today at www.FreeStyleLibre.com.au!

The FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System is a glucose monitoring device indicated for detecting trends and tracking patterns in persons (aged 18 and older) with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Health care professionals and consumers should be aware about the limitations of available scientific evidence for use of this device in any other groups of patients who require diabetes management. † Data on file. Dunn T, Xu Y, Hayter G; Evidence of a Strong Association Between Frequency of Flash Glucose Monitoring and Glucose Control Measures During Real-World Usage. All work was funded by and the authors are employees of Abbott Diabetes Care. Ask your healthcare professional how a FreeStyle glucose meter may assist you. Always read the label and use only as directed. FreeStyle and related brand marks are trademarks of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. in various jurisdictions.



Extraordinary Team Event

Event Date: 18 Feb 2018

An Ironman 70.3 is a 1.9 km swim, a 90 km bike ride and a 21 km run. It's a gruelling, tough challenge for any athlete. It involves training, discipline and true grit. There are a number of very fit type 1's involved in HypoActive and we are supremely fortunate to have Dave Barnes among them. Dave has organised a fully type 1 team for this amazing event in Geelong next month.

Dave has inspired, cajoled, stimulated and browbeaten type 1's from all round Australia, and even one competitor from overseas, to form the largest ever type 1 triathlon team in Australia. We now have six swimmer/runner/riders doing the full event and six more valiant contenders forming two teams to take this on as a relay. 

Check out our event webpage here to read Dave's own motivating words about what drove him to gather together such a monumental team and how it's all coming about.



Williamstown is Privileged

Event Date 25 Feb 2018

The last weekend of January is a public holiday event, so our first Fun Run/Walk/Ride of 2018 is end of Feb in Williamstown. This is a busy day in Willie as it will be hosting the end of event celebrations after the Big Bay Swim, which involves hundreds of people hurling themselves into the water at Port Melbourne and splashing their way over to Williamstown. If you're very keen - and fit - you could try and combine this with our event, but otherwise just come along and meet our top type 1 crowd and set your own pace and goals for a run, walk or ride through this picturesque, coastal suburb.

Due to foot and back injuries, John Thompson, the Fun Run/Walk/Ride organiser for many years now, will be joining the walking element of the event. Chris Collett has volunteered to lead out the runners so we'll all still have someone to follow and won't get lost (thanks Chris). Remember you don't have to be superfit to join with HypoActive - you're welcome to just come and have refreshment after all the huffing and puffing if you want. Have a look at our event webpage here for more details and get in touch with John if you think you can come along or need more info.



Dexcom CGM: Distributed by AMSL Diabetes

The Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), with its Superior Accuracy (#1,2), is the only CGM System approved for you to dose without a fingerprick and can be shared directly onto a compatible Android or Apple smart device. Dexcom is now on the CGM Subsidy Initiative for eligible patients under 21, visit the NDSS website for details. For more information on the Dexcom range please visit the AMSL Dexcom G5 Mobile webpage or contact AMSL Diabetes on 1300 851 056.

#1. Bailey, Chang, Christiansen Clinical Accuracy of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with an Advanced Algorithm J Diabetes Sc Tech 2015 Vol 9(2) 209-214.  #2. Laffel Improved Accuracy of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems in Pediatric Patients with Diabetes Mellitus – Results from Two Studies Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics Volume 18, Supplement 2, 2016.



Exciting Positions up for Grabs

HypoActive is a busy little group. We hold a full calendar of events, have a lively Facebook group page and website, we fundraise for events and do a lot of communicating with other organisations based around type 1 diabetes. We are a registered community group and charity and so have all the proper meetings and procedures. Our committee meets once a month via telephone conference and if anything needs doing there are always plenty of people putting up their hand to help.

One of our longest-standing volunteers and committee members is Kym Davern. Kym has worked devotedly for HypoActive in a number of ways for nearly ten years. She has been a stalwart secretary of the group for all this time, she has been heavily involved in organisation of events and has instigated fundraising activity that has been the lifeblood of the group. She has been a confident, optimistic and keen voice on the committee and I can't imagine how HypoActive would have grown to it's current strength without her. Sadly, she has decided to take a well earned break from the committee and the phone lines just won't be the same without her. Thanks Kym - we'll all miss you.

The HypoActive committee meets once a month

But this does mean the the much envied position of secretary is there for the taking. The secretary's role is something like the keeper of the scrolls. It doesn't necessarily involve a lot of work, but it's deeply important. Decisions at monthly meetings have to be recorded and communicated. If you'd like to have your finger on the HypoActive pulse and lend a hand to this fabulous group, please get in touch. You know that 5.5 feeling? That's what you'll get. You'll feel wonderful.



Get Yourself a Date

Once again, we have John Thompson to thank for putting in the effort over the holiday to draw up the HypoActive calendar for the full year. We have our Fun Run/Walk/Rides starting next month, and as Chris Collett has volunteered to lead the runners on these events he's introduced a couple of new venues. In May, we all get to visit Royal Park in Parkville, and in September there's an exciting trip to Docklands. 

To see the full extent of our HypoActive events, just check out our News page here. But please remember, this is a movable feast. If anyone wishes to start up a new event then get in touch and we can add it to the calendar.



By Adam Brown

This is the terrific, inspiring book I talked about above. I got it for Christmas and was hooked straight away. Adam doesn't just deliver practical means of help, he makes you feel differently about your condition. It's all about the good stuff.

If you want to read this book, visit this page here. There may be a way to read some of it free, but bear in mind all proceeds from the book go the diaTribe Foundation, a charity whose mission is to improve the lives of people with diabetes.


That's all for now.

All the best,