John 'Johnty' Hempel

Johnty has been involved with HypoActive in the past few years, most notably as one of the support crew chiefs for the Murray to Moyne event.  HypoActive has also benefitted from the close relationship with Jayco which has sponsored the Murray to Moyne team.

1. Describe yourself in 10 words
Try anything once, I just don’t promise to enjoy it

2.What do you do during the day?
Build Dinosaurs

3. What is your fave thing to do on Saturday?
Go Climbing

4. When were you diagnosed with T1 and what insulin regime are you on?

1992, Injections

5. What made you first decide to participate in an activity with HypoActive?
The idea of driving a van behind some fine lycra… and Judging HAYBAIL

6. What regular exercise do you do? What irregular exercise do you do?
Cycling, Rockclimbing, bushwalking

7. What's your favourite/most challenging HypoActive event and why?

M2M, lack of sleep

8. How do you need to modify your diabetes regime when you exercise? Does this change depending on what activity you are undertaking (i.e. varying intensity, duration etc)?
Normally reduce the amount of insulin I’m taking. Rockclimbing all weekend is different to cycling for a few hours.

9. What's the most surprising thing you have learned about your diabetes through exercise or relating to diabetes and exercise? 

That sometimes I don’t need any insulin at all!

10. What has been the greatest personal challenge you have faced since being diagnosed with T1?

Spending a month canoeing on the Murray River 5 months after being diagnosed, I survived.

11. What sporting related entity do you find inspiring and why?
Joe Simpson, Mountaineer, Unbelievable mental and physical strength in unimaginable conditions. (Read ‘Touching the Void’)