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Hi Everyone,

Well, after a big break I'm delighted to be back with pen in hand once more for the June issue of the HypoActive newsletter. The biggest and best news for HypoActive this month - as a group and for all its members and supporters - is the announcement of a new president. That's right, it's me no longer: we now have the esteemed Warwick Sickling in the type 1 exercise hot seat and I know he's already doing an excellent job, not just as a figurehead, but as a proactive leader. There's an item below for you to read a bit more about this change and also a link to a special webpage with much more information.

Another big change is that our treasurer, Karla Dahm, has also stepped down. Karla has given her time and her contribution to the committee for several years and has been the backbone of our financial management. She has done a consistently excellent job and we'll miss both her monetary acumen and her magnetic type 1 presence. Huge thanks to Karla for her long-term and top-rate input.

So Warwick taking the presidency doesn't mean that there isn't an opportunity for you. We need a treasurer and it's probably the best committee position anyone could hope for. Some book-keeping experience is an advantage, but anyone with a keen eye and a sharp pencil is very welcome to have a go. Be assured that anyone taking this position will get the full support of the whole committee. The job has been done before - and done very well - by type 1's with no financial training, so if you're right behind the cool stuff that we do, this is your chance to show it. We need you!

If you think you might be able to give it a shot, please get in touch with our new president here: Warwick.

Advance notice: in next month's issue there's going to be a competition. Something to really get your type 1 creative teeth into, so whatever you do, don't miss the next HypoActive Newsletter! There's some exciting stuff in this month's newsletter, of course, so let's get down to it.




  • New president: Type 1 top spot
  • HypoActive Fun: Run/walk/ride this month
  • Run Melbourne: HA team event July
  • DAV Expo: Big success for HypoActive


  • Outgoing president's adventures: Gavin's back
  • Emma Hegarty: Outback type 1
  • Hot yoga: Tips for type 1's





Warwick Sickling Takes the Reins

As mentioned above, this is an exciting time for HypoActive as Warwick has taken over the presidency. Crammed full of top type 1 energy and ideas, Warwick is already starting new initiatives for type 1's all over to get active and involved. Warwick is just the third president of HypoActive. Monique Hanley was the first and founding leader of the group and inspired HypoActive over a long period with enormous dedication and drive. Gavin sat in the seat for 3 1/2 years and did his best to raise the HypoActive profile within the diabetes community. Now it's Warwick's turn and let's all wish him the very best for taking the challenge.

It's a bit like getting a new James Bond and I'm sure Warwick will compare with Daniel Craig and revitalise the whole of idea type 1 diabetes and exercise. Warwick has written an excellent piece to introduce himself to the HypoActive membership. You can read it here: New President.

Warwick Sickling: the new type 1 James Bond



New Venue - Caulfield Park

Event Date:  28 Jun 2015

Caulfield Park is centrally located and has great access from major roads from all over Melbourne. There is a circuit of about 2.5 km and the tracks are bitumen, which makes them comfortable for all sorts of running and cycling. All round it's the perfect spot for type 1's to get together for whatever level of exercise they choose, so it's a great new venue for our latest Fun Run/Walk/Ride.

As always, everybody is welcome regardless of fitness levels and you determine how far you want to run/walk/ride and how fast. And as usual there's the option to just meet and have a chat with other type 1's after the event.

For all the details of time and meeting point and some excellent pictures, check out our webpage here.

If you're planning on coming along or would like to know more, email our unstoppable organiser John Thompson.



HypoActive Team Event

Event Date: 26th Jul 2015

Once again, HypoActive has formed a type 1 team for this classic Melbourne event. Now in its 8th year, Run Melbourne offers a half marathon, a 10 km run, a 5 km run/walk and even a kids 3 km run. It's become the community fitness event of the year, with individuals raising funds for hundreds of different charities.

HypoActive always makes sure there are Insulin Injected Engine® singlets creating a big splash and showing not just that type 1 diabetes need not stop anyone doing anything, but that type 1's can compete with the best, whether that means crossing the winning line or showing off the fittest young family for miles. Wear yours in this event and shout to the world that you're an active type 1.

Check out all you need to know about this huge event here: Run Melbourne website

John Thompson can give you all the details of how to get hold of one of our amazing singlets and much more about HypoActive running events. He even has his own very selective news list. Get hold of John here: John



HypoActive Big Success Meeting Type 1's at Huge Expo

On Saturday May 23rd Diabetes Victoria staged a massive event at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Thousands of folk turned up to get a better picture about these conditions and find advice about medical, technical and lifestyle factors that raise problems for people living with diabetes.

HypoActive was invited to set up a space and had a busy and rewarding day meeting and greeting type 1's who were keen to know more about how to approach exercise, but more significantly, cheered and motivated to learn there is such an organisation focussed on peer support and giving diverse opportunities for type 1's to join in with other type 1's and share the challenges.

Warwick, Kym, Kerri and John: top team promoting exercise for type 1's

Many thanks to Diabetes Australia Victoria for staging the event and to our team who spent the day informing and motivating type 1's new to HypoActive.

Read more about this great event here.





Outgoing President Returns from Andean Adventures

Many type 1's may know that every few years the HypoActive ex-president Gavin Wright likes to pack up his bike and head for the hills - some of the highest and most difficult hills in the world. In the past Gavin has taken on Ticlio - the high Andean pass east of Lima, Peru, once thought to be the highest surfaced road in the world; Ojos del Salado, Chile, the highest volcano in the world, where Gavin led a team of cyclists to a point higher than Everest Base Camp; and even the Tour Divide in the USA, the toughest MTB race in the world, although Gavin withdrew battered and beaten after four days of competition.

Gavin has always returned proudly proclaiming 'Diabetes didn't stop me - and it never will.' You can read all about his diverse experiences and recent achievements here. There are some fantastic pictures of mountains and scary roads.



Type 1 in the Dirt 'n' Dust

Emma is from Cloncurry in north-western Queensland, has had type 1 diabetes for 20 years and recently completed the grueling Dirt 'n' Dust triathlon - renowned as being one of the toughest in the country. She decided a year before the event, held in April every year at Julia Creek, to start training and raising money for Diabetes Australia Queensland. Her training took her through the hottest part of the year in the harsh inland outback and she apparently had to put up with spitting out flies and grasshoppers thwacking her in the face.

Emma trained with her dad, her partner and a friend and together they have raised thousands of dollars for DAQ. You can read much more about her story in Queensland Country Life here. In the article she tells about her mum's long-distance dash to hospital when Emma was first diagnosed - exciting, but very motivating stuff. Well done Emma and family.

Dirt 'n' Dust Triathlon: tough outback stuff



Hot Yoga for Type 1's

In another great article from Insulin Nation, type 1 Hannah Lambert writes about her strategies and success with this testing form of exercise. Hot yoga is exactly that - all those demanding stretches and poses performed at over 40 degrees C. This could easily have your Cow Face turning into your Fire Log. 

Hannah has found that hot yoga - or Bikram yoga - has become an important part of her routine for staying healthy and keeping her blood sugar levels in check. There are obstacles for type 1's taking on this challenging pursuit, just like any other demanding physical exertions, but in this article Hannah has mapped out some great tips for a successful session.

Check it out at Insulin Nation.


That's all for now.


All the best,