Hi Everyone,

I hope the onset of winter isn’t chilling the spirits of active type 1’s determined to stay healthy by keeping fit.

We’ve had a great month, with new sweet blood on the HypoActive committee, some keen HA contributors doing thunderously well in the Cairns Ironman event, and John reporting there were some very welcome new faces at the May Fun Run/Walk/Ride.

I have to admit that my latest newsletter competition – to submit the best type 1 (exercise) tattoo – has not had an enormous response. Maybe it was just because there was no prize. I’ll try and do better with the free stuff next time.

But on the subject of tattoos, I noticed some recent articles on research done by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Some of their scientific eggheads have been toying with biosensitive tattoo ink. The inks they've produced have a range of purposes, but one has been specifically created to change colour with rising or falling blood sugar levels (well, in interstitial fluid, anyway). They have made one that will turn from a normal blue to brown as the numbers rise. This means that you could feasibly get yourself a tucked-away tat of a blue spruce and if you wanted to discreetly check your bgl just take off your shirt in front of a mirror and see if autumn shades have appeared. Perfect.

Image: Christine Daniloff, MIT News

The team has also created an ink that shifts from pink to purple in relation to pH levels: a fantastic alert for creeping ketoacidosis. And there’s a third sensor that can detect sodium, shining a vibrant green hue under UV light in the presence of rising salt levels, which could be a great tool for athletes checking their hydration.

I noticed that no one has stepped forward suggesting clinical trials, which is a shame.

My type 1 tattoo is all in black, which reminds me of the dog that sometimes sits on my shoulder when things don’t go well with my diabetes. But enough of that…





  • Fun Run/Walk/Rides: June in Jells, Carrum Calling in July
  • Run Melbourne: HypoActive Team Event
  • Queensland Bike Ride: HypoActives Bunch Up
  • AcT1vate: Dec 2017 Update


  • Cairns Ironman: HypoActive Success
  • Type 1 United: Kit Like you Wouldn't Believe
  • HypoActive Committee: Exciting News
  • Diabetes Week: Check in with Your State





Type 1 Gazelles in Jells

Event Date: 25 Jun 2017 (This weekend!)

Active type 1's - and some of the not so active ones - will this month be meeting as usual on the last Sunday of the month at 9.30 am (SHARP!), at fabulous Jells Park. And it really is fabulous. Fit for the fittest and a whole lot more besides. Wildlife that will drive you crazy and scenery that has to be seen to be believed. It’s a truly wide open space in the middle of suburbia that will take you all the way out to deep bush and an almost remote experience. All within easy reaching distance.  Check out our event webpage here

Patterson River, Carrum

Event Date: 23 Jul 2017

The Patterson River at Carrum has an intriguing past. It's actually an artificial waterway, built less than 150 years ago to drain the swamps fed by Dandenong Creek. It is Victoria's shortest river - at about five km - but it has a flat, shared pathway along either bank for some distance up river and is an ideal, quiet spot for some good type 1 exercise. Astute readers will spot this is not the last Sunday of the month. The big change is due to Run Melbourne being held on 30th​. More running/walking/riding for everyone. Check out the event webpage here.

As always, for either event, you choose how far you run, walk or ride and you're very welcome to just join the gang at the refuelling stop after the strenuous stuff for a chat and a softie. Check out If you're coming along or for more info about meeting, parking, etc, please get in touch with John Thompson here.



HypoActive Team Running Event

Event Date: 30 Jul 2017

This huge event now has the byword 'I Run This City' and this could so easily have the added phrase, 'With Type 1 Diabetes.' It's time to take in all of Melbourne’s iconic landmarks, feel the buzz of the live entertainment and soak up all the energy that Run Melbourne has to offer - and do it managing this tricky condition. Run Melbourne offers 5 km, 10 km and half marathon options and you've got just one month to get in shape for whichever distance suits you best.

Check out the event website here. If you're planning on running (or walking) in this event, why not do it as part of the HypoActive team? John Thompson has entered HA in the event, so for a password to join us or any info about training and teammates, get in touch with John here.


FreeStyle Libre Real World Results
Real-world data from more than 50,000 people show that higher rates of scanning with the FreeStyle Libre system were found to be strongly associated with improved glucose control. MORE SCANNING: Users checked their glucose levels an average of 16.3 scans per day. As scan rates increased, the following trends were observed: IMPROVED HbA1c: Average glucose level decreased as scan rate increased with estimated HbA1c decreasing from 8.0 to 6.7 percent. REDUCTION IN HYPOGLYCAEMIA: Time spent below glucose levels of 3.9, 3.1 and 2.5 mmol/L decreased by 15 percent, 40 percent and 49 percent. REDUCTION IN HYPERGLYCAEMIA: Time above 10 mmol/L decreased from 10.4 to 5.7 hours per day. INCREASED TIME IN RANGE: Time in glucose range (3.9-10 mmol/L) increased from 12.0 to 16.8 hours per day. Order your FreeStyle Libre today at www.FreeStyleLibre.com.au!

The FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System is a glucose monitoring device indicated for detecting trends and tracking patterns in persons (aged 18 and older) with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Health care professionals and consumers should be aware about the limitations of available scientific evidence for use of this device in any other groups of patients who require diabetes management. † Data on file. Dunn T, Xu Y, Hayter G; Evidence of a Strong Association Between Frequency of Flash Glucose Monitoring and Glucose Control Measures During Real-World Usage. All work was funded by and the authors are employees of Abbott Diabetes Care. Ask your healthcare professional how a FreeStyle glucose meter may assist you. Always read the label and use only as directed. FreeStyle and related brand marks are trademarks of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. in various jurisdictions.



HypoActive Riders Bunch Up

Event Date: 25 Jun 2017 (This weekend!)

It's been a while since HypoActive riders have gathered in Queensland, but this weekend a small, gallant bunch is meeting to take on the Brisbane River Loop. This is a medium length ride of about 40 km, but a scenic and satisfying one. There's still plenty of room and time to join us if you'd like to. Please get in touch with me here for details. Happy cycling!



Event Date: 2 - 3 Dec 2017


AcT1vate is a residential weekend dedicated to helping you, your partner - or your patients with type 1 diabetes - get the most out of exercise. Exercise is essential for good health, but there are many things that get in the way for people with type 1. Let's get them out of the way! 

The AcT1vate program is specifically for people with type 1 diabetes to learn, or enhance their knowledge, about how to integrate exercise safely into their lives. AcT1vate brings together some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished experts and type 1 competitors. Varying levels of knowledge and experience are accommodated - you don't need to be an athlete, or even exercising already. AcT1vate is the ideal way for people living with type 1 diabetes to take the first bold steps to better health.

Registration is now open for this amazing, life-changing weekend!  REGISTER NOW or visit our event update page here for lots more information.


Dexcom CGM: Distributed by AMSL Diabetes

The Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), with its Superior Accuracy (#1,2), is the only CGM System approved for you to dose without a fingerprick and can be shared directly onto a compatible Android or Apple smart device. Dexcom is now on the CGM Subsidy Initiative for eligible patients under 21, visit the NDSS website for details. For more information on the Dexcom range please visit the AMSL Dexcom G5 Mobile webpage or contact AMSL Diabetes on 1300 851 056.

#1. Bailey, Chang, Christiansen Clinical Accuracy of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with an Advanced Algorithm J Diabetes Sc Tech 2015 Vol 9(2) 209-214.  #2. Laffel Improved Accuracy of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems in Pediatric Patients with Diabetes Mellitus – Results from Two Studies Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics Volume 18, Supplement 2, 2016.





Cairns Ironman 70.3

On the 11th June Far North Queensland saw triathletes from all over the country rise before dawn and start their swim, ride and run to finish the Ironman 70.3. And this year there were several members of HypoActive competing and achieving fabulous results. Hats off to Dave Barnes, who finished in under six hours, as well as Kendall Douglas, Jason Nealon and Jess Wheeler, all type 1 finishers in this extraordinarily tough race.

Dave Barnes has been good enough to write a very thorough report on the HypoActive Facebook page. Here's a quote: 'Cairns Ironman 70.3 was a realisation that I can not only do this triathlon stuff but I can mix it with the best in my age group and feel proud of who I am and what I can do.' Beautifully put, Dave. Read Dave's write-up here. Kendall also achieved a great result and wrote a report with plenty of blood test results - exactly what we want to see! Read it here.

Well done to all those type 1's who took part and all those who supported them.



Top Cycling Kit

Type One United's mission is to connect type 1's through an active lifestyle and peer to peer support via their individual stories. And they're cyclists. They've recently designed and produced a whole range of beautiful type 1 riding kit. There are no sponsor logos - just the cool type 1 stuff. They're selling at cost price - and even donating money from every sale to JDRF. It's a very limited edition of clothing, so if you manage to get any you'll almost certainly be the only one. Even I ordered an item - and can't wait to wear it!

Check it out on the Type One United Facebook page here.




Big Changes, Welcome New VP

It's a sad announcement that Ben Howell has stepped down from the committee. Ben has ended his second stint as vice president and on both stretches has proven to be the long, strong backbone of the group. His professionalism and charisma have been an asset and a great pleasure and it's a shame he's once again moving on. Maybe some day he'll return for the hat-trick, but anyway, enormous thanks to Ben for doing a fabulous job.

But there's a lighter side, of course - we get to welcome Katherine Price as the new and eager VP. Katherine has been an active member and contributor to HypoActive for a number of years. She has represented the group in a variety of roles and events, and always with humour and aplomb. So it's a big thank you and welcome to Katherine for stepping up to an important officer role on the committee.



Event Date: 9 - 15 July

It's that special week once again next month. It's all about raising awareness and getting people healthy. Naturally, with the terrible epidemic of type 2 raging everywhere, a lot of energy is put into that condition, but type 1's are included too.

Diabetes Australia, through its state and territory bodies, is very active in this undertaking, so why not check out your local group and see what events and activities are going on that you could join in with. Here are a few websites to look at: Diabetes Victoria; Diabetes Queensland; Diabetes SA; Diabetes WA.




That's all for now.

All the best,