Some useful links for type 1 diabetics:

Diabetes Australia - Victoria

Abbott Diabetes Care
Diabetic Athlete's Handbook - by Sheri Colberg

Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association

Connected In Motion - Breathing fresh air into diabetes education (based in Canada)

Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association - New Zealand Chapter

Diabetes Sports and Wellness Foundation

DiabetesFits - Perth Based Training Camp for Adults with Type One

Diabetes Training Camp - US Based Training Camps for Adults with Type One

International Diabetes Advice

Insulin Factor

A site dedicated to changing diabetic lives through adventure travel and educational outreach 

Level Living
Make sure in an emergency that people know you have diabetes with these medical ID products

Mountains for Active Diabetics

Reality Check - Young Adults (or thereabouts) with Type 1 Diabetes

Riding on Insulin - snowboard camps and clinics for diabetics

Run Sweet
Team Type 1
Type 1 Rider