Lyndal Hynes

Lyndal has been involved with HypoActive for a number of years, taking charge of the role of Communications Officer.  She is also an essential crew member of the Murray to Moyne teams, where she is known as the 'professional nag'.  Her main duty is to record blood glucose readings from all riders and crew throughout the entire weekend and is able to ensure all participants are operating in safe glucose realms.

For those of you who haven't had the joy of meeting Lyndal at the Walk to Cure Diabetes or on the Murray to Moyne, we asked her to answer 10 questions about herself, life and being active with diabetes.

1. Describe yourself in 10 words
Ten words is never enough.

2.What do you do during the day?
PA to Operations Director of Emergency at Frankston Hospital

3. What is your fave thing to do on Saturday?  
Pole Dancing Classes

4. When were you diagnosed with T1 and what insulin regime are you on? 
Diagnosed in 1999 age 27 and been on a pump for 5 years.

5. What made you first decide to participate in an activity with HypoActive? 
Love being involved

6. What regular exercise do you do? What irregular exercise do you do? 

Walking, dancing, chasing small child who can't quite out run me ....yet

7. What's your favourite/most challenging HypoActive event and why? 
Murray to Moyne, although not riding, it's a long but awesome couple of days

8. How do you need to modify your diabetes regime when you exercise? Does this change depending on what activity you are undertaking (i.e. varying intensity, duration etc)?
 Lots more testing and reducing my basals.

9. What's the most surprising thing you have learned about your diabetes through exercise or relating to diabetes and exercise?
I shouldn't use my diabetes as an excuse to NOT do things that are fun

10. What has been the greatest personal challenge you have faced since being diagnosed with T1?
Having a child