HypoActive Team in Australia's Biggest Marathon

This year is the 38th Melbourne Marathon, now an icon event for Australians of all fitness levels. For several years Melbourne has seen about 6 1/2 thousand brave runners complete the full 42 km course, but also over 35,000 sign up as a total for all the events. This event caters for everyone: there's the traditional, grueling 42.195 km; a halfie; a 10 km option; 5.7 km for the strong, but not so long; and a fabulous 3 km course for those who either want to run what they can or just walk to get active, take part in such a vibrant city happening and maybe raise some money for one of the event's nominated charities - or a charity of their own choosing (could be HypoActive!).

Every course finishes with a lap of your very favourite sportsground - the MCG!

Where's Wally? Spot the HypoActive singlet

HypoActive has a team entered for October's event. Over the last couple of years, the big Melbourne runs have all seen strong teams of type 1's form, gather and then split only for individual Insulin Dependent Engines® to find their own pace, focus and just keep on going until the very end. If you're thinking of having a go, get in touch and there could be a chance to train with other type 1's. You'll certainly get the chance to get your bold torso covered with one of our heroic running singlets. Let everyone know that your engine is insulin injected and get respect like you've never imagined.

Could there be a more handsome singlet?

John Thompson, our indefatigable Fun Run organiser, is once again orchestrating our Melbourne Marathon team this year (thanks John). If you're thinking of joining in with this huge Melbourne day of exercise then please get in touch with John here. He'll let you know how to register as one of our team - and we'd love to have you on board!

Register or check out the event website here: Melbourne Marathon Festival.