Read about our HypoActive members.

Gavin Wright

Gavin was president of HypoActive from November 2011 to July 2015 and has been writing the popular HypoActive newsletter since 2007.

Diagnosed in 1964, Gavin led an active life, but not one filled with exercise, until someone lent him a bicycle in 1999. 'I'd forgotten how much fun it is to ride a bike,' says Gavin. 'I loved it. I started training and realised pretty soon that my diabetes was managed better the more exercise I got. Since then I've never looked back.'

Proud to wear the HypoActive jersey

Andrew Canet

Andrew contacted HypoActive in July 2015 after reading the call for help put out in the popular HA newsletter. We had a vacant position for the weighty role of treasurer and Andrew put up his hand. Two months later he was in full swing, consorting fully with the committee and treasuring every moment.

Spot the pump on the left hip. It's a statement.

Here's Andrew's auto bio:

Jana Cronin

Until recently our Communications Officer, Jana has had to let her HypoActive commitments take a back seat as she prepares for her next challenge - motherhood! We're quite sure that the twins will keep her both active and occupied once they arrive...

We've asked her to give us the scoop on her diabetes management and how she got involved with HypoActive;

Monique Hanley

MoniqueSince being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1998, Monique Hanley has smashed through any obstacles in her way by treating it as a challenge to be overcome.

A promising basketballer in her teenage years, Monique made the shift to cycling after her retirement in 2000, when a friend of hers (who also had type 1 diabetes) convinced her to buy a secondhand road-bike – “Harry” Gios – which she started riding with Warragul Cycling Club, in Gippsland.

Daniella Brasacchio

Daniella in Vietnam

Craig Sharpe

Craig on the Great Victorian Bike Ride

Lyndal Hynes

Lyndal has been involved with HypoActive for a number of years, taking charge of the role of Communications Officer.  She is also an essential crew member of the Murray to Moyne teams, where she is known as the 'professional nag'.  Her main duty is to record blood glucose readings from all riders and crew throughout the entire weekend and is able to ensure all participants are operating in safe glucose realms.

Laura Rostron

Laura has been involved with HypoActive for a number of years, participating in the Murray to Moyne, Run for the Kids, Murray River Marathon, and most signficantly, as leader and coordinator of the MS MegaSwim.  She brings a huge amount of enthusiasm for the annual swim event, and is worth signing up for just to hear her encouragement!
We asked Laura to tell us a little about herself, her diabetes and her exercise habits.

Chelle Connard

Chelle has been a key member of HypoActive's MegaSwim teams, including managing the team in 2009.  She also held the position of Secretary for some time.  Chelle brings a unique positivity to the group.
1. Describe yourself in 10 words
A lucky dip!
2.What do you do during the day?

Meg Knight

Meg became involved with HypoActive a few years back and took on the role of Secretary, which was most appreciated.  She remains involved with HA activities, including the MS MegaSwim where she can be seen recording laps for tired swimmers, providing a positive smile at the turnaround! 
1. Describe yourself in 10 words
a fun-loving, sun-loving, busy, relaxed, smiley, happy human

John 'Johnty' Hempel

Johnty has been involved with HypoActive in the past few years, most notably as one of the support crew chiefs for the Murray to Moyne event.  HypoActive has also benefitted from the close relationship with Jayco which has sponsored the Murray to Moyne team.

Cath Stephensen

Cath is a familiar face at the HypoActive cycling events and is definately keen to share her love of the bike with all! We asked Cath to share some insight with us on her diabetes management and her exercise regime - as usual she gave us a little bit more about what motivates her when it comes to being active.

Dan Seller

Dan has been involved with HypoActive since its inception, previously holding the positions of Treasurer and Vice President. As one of the few HypoActive members to have attempted and completed the Mega Tri Series (the MS MegaSwim, the Murray to Moyne Cycle relay and the Run for the Kids), Dan is a familar face to many.

Spike Beecroft

SpikeAffectionately known as HypoBoy thanks to the frequency of below par blood sugar levels has wowed HypoActive audiences with his sprints for town signs in mega endurance rides, and has kept hundreds of diabetes camp attendants in suspence from recounting terrific tales of hypo survival.  Recently, the dedicated camp leader for Diabetes Camps Victoria has packed over 1200 testing strips and taken off to spend a year in England.  We caught up with him as he was settling into his new position and asked him about life, lycra and London.