Second Paddle Patrol in SE Tassie

​Our last News item was a fantastic report from Caroline Thomas at Diabetes Tasmania, who has the extraordinary job of organising adventure trips to raise money for diabetes charities - and then go on them. She'd been on an all-chick kayaking voyage round the beautiful and remote coast of Southeast Tasmania.

That was only a few weeks ago, but Caroline's been in touch again and guess what? She's been on another one!

Caroline has sent another report that expresses beautifully what a fabulous time she and all the other paddlers had. I hope you'll give this a read and see just how rewarding it can be to sign up for a true adventure - and one that's full of exercise and serves such a worthwhile cause.

Here's what Caroline had to say about her second paddle on the wild side:

Hi there,

I wouldn't have expected to write this email a couple of weeks ago. To share with you that I have been on a second amazing kayaking adventure down southwest Tassie that was as good as the first trip! 

If you are looking for an absolutely amazing experience here in Tassie do a Par Avion flight or Roaring 40s Kayaking adventure in southwest Tasmania. You will not be disappointed. I could go again.... but not for a few weeks!! 

We had sensational warm weather (see picture of Mount Rugby from Forest Lagoon camp above), being able to swim at lunch time in the calmest of water. We had very challenging weather that meant we couldn't paddle very far one day. We had hail, thunder and sunshine all in the one hour, but we are in Tassie! This trip was quite different to the first. We paddled right around the Breaksea Islands in Port Davey, climbed Mt Milner or Mt Stokes and paddled into an inlet in Bathurst Harbour where we were got up close and personal with lots of black swans - one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. 

The nine ladies who joined me came from all walks of life and came on the adventure for many different reasons. All were fantastic and I am so grateful you joined me on this amazing adventure.

A special mention to Carol, who lives with type 2 diabetes, who did such a great job on the trip and in her fundraising efforts in the lead up to the trip. People with type 2 diabetes are often stigmatized and unfairly judged for a condition which 58% of people have no control over getting. Thanks for waving the flag Carol. 

And to Donna whose 17 year old son Liam was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 14, just 8 months after his dad passed away. His dad was only 41 when he died and also lived with type 1. I can’t imagine how hard this has been on Liam, Donna and their family. As an adult I am able to make pretty reasonable decisions about how to look after my diabetes. As a teenager, with all the added pressure adolescence adds, I really am inspired by how Liam is turning his life around, accepting his condition and trying to live well with diabetes. It is relentless, you never get a day off and learning to cope with this is challenging. And Donna who is continually trying to raise awareness for diabetes, you are doing such a great job - thank you. 

To Jenny and Reg at Roaring 40s Kayaking and Par Avion thank you for making the trip possible by your generous sponsorship. To Tory and Tom our fabulous guides (AKA great cooks, conservationists, historians, paddling instructor extraordinaires) thanks for all you did on our trip. To my paddling buddies Miranda, Hanni, Pam, Carol, Donna, Margaret, Maureen and Lisa and Tricia (who came all the way from the USA to do the trip) thanks for coming on this amazing trip with me. To all the other people who have helped with the trip and with awareness and fundraising for Diabetes Tasmania and Life for a Child a HUGE thanks! There are just too many people to mention individually, but I appreciate all that you have done to help us. We have exceeded $20,000 in money raised from these two amazing adventures and have helped raise awareness about diabetes in the community.  

And lastly behind every great adventurer who has diabetes there is an unsung hero - to Craig, who looks after me when I'm crook, makes me check my BGLs when he thinks I'm not OK, feeds me if I am hypoing and I can’t do it myself, puts up with me when I'm tired and cranky (as we people with diabetes often get) and continues to support me unreservedly in my quest to raise funds and awareness for diabetes (the mighty Franklin River here I come!!!) - thank you! 

Merry Christmas and happy and healthy New Year! 




You can read about future DTas adventures organised by Caroline on our page here.

Or get in touch with Caroline here.