Huge Welcome to Andrew Canet

Andrew recently volunteered to help us on the committee of HypoActive. He has taken the weighty position of treasurer.

Spot the pump on the left hip. It's a statement.

Here's Andrew's auto bio:

'My name is Andrew Canet. I have lived with Type 1 Diabetes for the last 26 years, since my diagnosis at the age of 12. I've spent the last two years on pump therapy and enjoy the increased level of freedom, flexibility and confidence it has given me. I enjoy living an active life. Specifically interested in walking and playing golf. Generally interested in light jogging, cycling, and supporting fellow people with diabetes to be active.

Professionally, I am an accountant/bookkeeper, currently and very recently working for a company in East Melbourne managing various professional associations, after a recent period of unemployment. I have previously served in a voluntary capacity as a non-executive committee member of the the Ringwood Golf Club as its junior development coordinator and assistant treasurer.

I look forward to many opportunities to experience new activities, meet new people and to serve at the pleasure of the greater HypoActive and diabetes community as your new treasurer.

Thank you!'