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Hi Everyone,

Well, hot springs are one of the world's great pleasures and much sought after destinations, so let's all celebrate being flung right into one. I think in most places if you ride out or hoof off early enough you miss the scorching stuff, but that never seems to work for me. The sun's always fully up by the time my cranks are flexing. I always tell myself it's better training - anything that makes your workout more difficult or unpleasant has got to be better training. Not sure really though: with type 1 diabetes and all the random and awkward effects that a million different hormones, provoked by environmental trifles, have on one's delicate blood sugar level, who could ever know what's good or not?

Our HypoActive Facebook page is definitely good. We've been getting a truly fabulous range of posts lately. Just a month ago we had a couple of brilliant pieces from type 1 runners who took part in the Melbourne Marathon. Our fab Pres - Warwick Sickling - posted almost immediately a historic and reflective piece after completing the half. We also heard from Nicky Arnold. Nicky has had type 1 for 35 years and this was her first full marathon. Truly champion.  (See below for more.)

We also had a great post from Bev Bradford in New Zealand. There's a picture of a beaming Bev after finishing a halfie in the Queenstown International Marathon. Bev looks so proud, healthy and full of type 1 beans. Well done Bev and thanks for sharing the moment.

Peter Marriott let us all know very recently that he was contacted by NDSS about the amount of strips he was using. Apparently they think his bgl testing is excessive. I had this happen to me once and I felt it very, very difficult, when asked why I tested my blood so often, to get beyond a stubborn, 'Because I've got type 1 diabetes and I need to know what my blood sugar level is.' Well done to all those who have more patience.

We've got a highly critical review of a certain blood glucose meter. A tricky question about exercise and body fat - with some really informed responses. And super-fit Tassie type 1 Dave Barnes's awful experience of waking with a 29.4 - let down by his otherwise reputable pump. What a shocker.

 Dave Barnes - what a shocker

So join in with the community, check out the HypoActive Facebook page.





  • HypoActive Xmas BBQ brunch / Nov Fun Run
  • 2016 MS Mega Swim: Stingrays need you
  • Exciting news: Photo comp winner announced


  • Melbourne Marathon: How did it go?
  • Nicole Michmerhuizen: Olympic trials qualifier





Celebrate a Great Year with HypoActive

Event Date: 29th Nov 2015 (this weekend!)

Come and join us for a very special morning of exercise and a splendid outdoor meal, courtesy of HypoActive. November sees the last of our monthly get-togethers for the year, December being too busy for everybody. So we're taking the opportunity to make it a grand celebration of exercise, type 1 support and family fun. Don't forget - it's this weekend!

Last year, John and Kerri Thompson struck on a marvellous venue - Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Richmond - so this year we're returning to the same spot for our Yuletide feast. John and Kerri have once again volunteered to organise and cook - huge thanks guys - so please come along. There are excellent exercise opportunities available if you feel like a run/walk/ride, or you can just bring along your appetite for the best diabetic food there is: the stuff you eat in the company of other type 1's. The food is free for type 1's and their families, but you're welcome to make a gold coin donation to help us out.

If you're going to run/walk/ride, just remember it's entirely up to you how fast or far you go. Meeting for those who exercise will be at 9.30 am (SHARP!) and if you're just coming along to join in with the type 1 feast then 10.30 is a great time to arrive. Just follow the smell of diabetic food in the morning (that's bacon, sausages, etc).

There are more details of the event here. If you think you can come along, please get in touch with John here, so we can make sure there's plenty to eat for all.



HypoActive Stingrays - the Fish Awakens

Event Date: 4th - 5th Mar 2016

Next year's HypoActive MS Mega Swim will be a landmark event - HA's tenth consecutive year in the water. The MS Mega Swim is a relay: group's must have a swimmer asplashing at all times for the 24 hours of the event. Points are dished out for number of laps, but it's a hugely supportive, fun event with everyone present making a big effort to raise funds to support people living with MS.

For HypoActive to join in with this event we do need to have a full team. As yet, we have a small number of registered Stingrays. You don't have to be a very strong swimmer to take part - just be able to swim a few laps at a time. So why not throw yourself in at the deep end and give it a go? Lap counters and support crew are also needed.

Click here to check out more about the 2016 Fitzroy Mega Swim. Or go straight to the HypoActive Stingrays Team page and sign up. Katherine Price is running this year's team, so if you want to know more, contact Kath through the HypoActive Fb page.



Finally, a Winner

A few months ago, the HypoActive team concocted an ingenious contest - who could provide the most favoured image of some of our HypoActive gear showing how special it is - and how special we are. The prize was to be a whopping $100 of HypoActive gear. Anything the winner wanted.

There was a deluge. It seemed like everyone fancied themselves as a type 1 David Bailey, or even a Mapplethorpe. The sheer volume of snaps submitted slowed down the process of judging a winner almost to a total stop. And they just kept coming.

Eventually, however, the committee split into teams and got the job done. And after much discussion, even heated debate, a decision was made. And the winner of the HypoActive Newsletter Photo Competition is... Kym Davern!

Isn't it cool? This is of course a very small version. I strongly recommend you visit our Competition page and get a much better look, as well as  checking out some of the highly placed contenders. There are some great HypoActive photos. Well done and many thanks to all who sent in images. 





The Type 1 Experience

The iconic Melbourne Marathon, with all its varied distances and routes, was held on Sunday October 18th. HypoActive, as ever, had a good number of type 1's out proudly wearing their Insulin Injected Engine® running singlets and boldly declaring that type 1 diabetes is no barrier to exercise, a healthy lifestyle and very real physical achievement.

We're proud of every one of them, but I'm delighted to have been able to post the experiences of two very different runners. Firstly, a superbly detailed, but highly emotive account from Nicky Arnold. Nicky has had type 1 for 35 years, this was her first full marathon and she raised over $3,000 for JDRF. Sheer brilliance. Secondly, we have the our Pres Warwick Sickling. This was his 43rd half marathon and he has given us his excellent Utter Nutter story, putting a whole lot of things in a different and illuminating perspective. 

Check it out right now: Nicky Arnold and Warwick Sickling tell us their Type 1 Stories.



Nicole Michmerhuizen Wins Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 

Nicole was diagnosed type 1 when she was in 8th grade. She didn't start running until after she got type 1, but on November 7th at the age of 23, she won the  Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in 2:41:38. Her time qualified her to run at the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials, which will be held in February in Los Angeles. She will be one of the youngest competitors in the field.

This run was only Nicole's second marathon. Her first was the Bayshore Marathon in Michigan, which she also won with a time of 2:49:16. In the Indianapolis race Nicole consumed only two gels. She said she would have had more, but thinks she missed one of the aid stations. Cool running type 1.

Nicole's other achievements include double-majoring in biochemistry and engineering, getting grades that earned her a postgraduate scholarship for her masters and PhD in pharmacology. Sounds like she won't just be beating diabetes, she'll be curing it as well.

There's a fabulous article on Nicole's success here on Runners World.


That's all for now.

All the best,