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We're getting towards the end of the year and I'm sure everyone's struggling to fit in all the extra shopping and keep on top of bgl's at the same time. There's thankfully one event this weekend at which everyone with type 1 diabetes - and their family and friends - can put up their feet and relax for a while. It's the HypoActive Christmas Brunch in Burnley (see below for details). Why not come along and grab a free snag?

Of course it's not just free food that makes this event special. It's one of our largest type 1 gatherings and you get a great chance to mingle with other people living and wrestling with the same condition. That doesn't mean you have to dive into conversation about the pros and cons of new technology or volunteer for active advocacy. In fact, I find just standing next to someone else with type 1 gives me support. There's no extra chat in the feeling I get when I check my blood glucose level and show it to another type 1. It's a seeping feeling of peace as I know without thinking that I am not going to be judged, whatever the number. There is hardly anyone else with whom I share so happily.

And there's learning all the time. So when you add it up I guess it might not look like much, but what is beyond the realm of medics and out of the reach of pharma beneficence, is peer support. Far more than the sum of all its parts. So enjoy!



  • Xmas Fun: Brunch with the Type 1 Bunch
  • Type 1 Mini-golf: Hole in One
  • 2017 AcT1vate: Wheels are Turning


  • Medtronic CGM: Access for HypoActives
  • Mississippi Goddam: Exercise and Less Retinopathy
  • Danielle Harrison: Star Diabetes Educator

The ghost of type 1 Christmas present...





November Fun and Xmas BBQ Brunch

Event Date:  27th Nov 2016

THIS WEEKEND!! Our annual Christmas get-together is this Sunday at Kevin Bartlett Reserve in Burnley. Come along for our final fling around the park for 2016 and then gorge yourself on gourmet diabetic food. John and Kerri Thompson have once again organised great platters of perfect provisions and a fountain of fabulous refreshments. But it's the company of other type 1's - and their friends and families - that make the event truly special.

For those with exercise on their minds, meeting time is as usual 9.30 am (SHARP!). As always you can choose how far and fast you choose to run, walk or ride. Then at about half past ten everyone's welcome to draw in around the BBQ for the celebration of health, motivation and achievement that are all part of type 1 diabetes and exercise.

For all the details, check out our webpage here and if you can join us please let John know here.



Many thanks to Kym Davern and Rowan Callaghan for organising this fundraiser for HypoActive. It was held on Saturday 12th November at Adventure Golf at Yarra Bend Golf Course in Fairfield. Loads of people realised this was an opportunity they could not afford to miss and came along for the fun of the game.

The event raised around $850 for HypoActive (!!!) and the wonderful news is that Yarra Bend Golf were originally going to take half the ticket sales, but very generously decided not to charge us at all for the use of the facility. HUGE THANKS TO YARRA BEND GOLF!!!

If you missed out, please don't let it spoil your Christmas. There's talk behind the scenes of making this an annual event. Could well be worth travelling for.



The Insulin Injected Engine® Slips into Gear

Hard work is afoot to bring you the next installment of AcT1vate. AcT1vate is a day or two-day event full of workshops, information sessions and plenty of physical activity all about type 1 diabetes and exercise. Other bodies, including some laudable pharma companies, have brought well-presented versions of this too you, but no one does it like the original AcT1vate. Although in the past we've had international speakers of the highest possible caliber, it's the peer support element of HypoActive's dynamic organisers and membership that make this the event of a lifetime. You will get to say what you feel and get your questions answered. At AcT1vate, you don't just learn, you change.

No firm dates yet, but we're looking at late 2017, possibly November. It's just a year away. And although we have type 1's scouts out scouring the landscape for the perfect spot, as yet there's no definite location. If you'd like to have some input, we'd love your help. Please get in touch with Kym here or our president Warwick.





Free use for HypoActives in Major Events

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), for those who haven't come across it, is technology that helps you follow your blood glucose far more closely. Finger-pricking becomes much less frequent as you have a clever little device imbedded under your skin that sends a signal every few minutes to another device with a screen that you can read. One of the huge advantages of this is that you know whether your bgl is going up or down, or up or down really fast.

These systems last a week or so, but they are kind of expensive, so it's wonderful news that one of the major providers of this technology in Australia, Medtronic, has offered to help HypoActive members with free use for major events. This means that any type 1's entering the Murray to Moyne, the MS Mega Swim, the Gold Coast Marathon or the Melbourne Marathon Festival - as part of a HypoActive team - can get fixed up for the event with one of these amazing systems.

I'll be reminding type 1's of this when I announce the events and you'll have to get in touch with team captains to get details, but I'm assured that folk anywhere will be able to visit their diabetes educator and get kitted up a few days before their event. 

Many thanks to Medtronic for this very generous offer.



Physical Activity Linked to Less Diabetic Retinopathy

I'm sure we're all aware from personal experience of some of the health benefits of exercise, both to our general health and to the management of type 1 diabetes. I'd be lost without it. But it's very reassuring to read of a study conducted by Professor Paul Loprinzi of Mississippi University that looked at a number of people with diabetes and recorded their activity levels as well as changes to their eyes over a period of time.

The results were clearly visible - for each 60-minute daily increase in physical inactivity, the risk for mild or more severe diabetic retinopathy rose by 16 percent. Although the very thought of diabetic retinopathy can be quite chilling, it is heartening to know that there is a path to lesser risk.

There's a good article about the study here.



Danielle Harrison has been active with events and the committee of HypoActive for years. Her work on AcT1vate helped create the magic of those unique events. Her behind the scenes labour on the committee has been tireless and invaluable. She's even ridden herself nearly into the ground on the HypoActive Murray to Moyne and is a regular at John Thompson's amazing monthly Fun Runs/Walks/Rides.

But more than just voluntary work, Danielle's professional life is also devoted to helping people with diabetes. She's now celebrating six years practising in diabetes education in Cranbourne and here's Danielle's message to all type 1's out there. I reckon you'd do well to pay her a visit and get the very best advice for Christmas and the festive season.

2 Woodbine Road, Cranbourne VIC 3977.  Appointments: (03) 5996 9000  Fax: (03) 5996 9569 (referrals). Mob: 0407 927 634

“Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going!”

With that in mind if your diabetes management has gotten a bit off track lately then why not book an appointment to help you get “back on track” for 2016. So come in and see me to Kickstart that Motivation and form those Healthy Habits.

Get a Free upgrade on your blood glucose meter or ask about the Free Smart glucose meters that can assist your insulin management if you are doing Multiple Daily Injections and Carbohydrate Counting.

Danielle is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse and has completed a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition.  

Danielle is also a Certified Insulin Pump Trainer with all three Insulin Pump companies to assist in putting patients on Insulin Pump Therapy or upgrading their current Insulin Pump. Continuous glucose monitoring is also available for loan. (Please ask about additional fees for these services)

Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 am - 5 pm and Thursday evenings 12.30 pm - 8 pm.  Home visits available (fee applies). Patients referred by their GP under GPMP/TCA (Care Plan) Allied Health Referral are Bulk Billed (referral must be brought along).

Find out more here and get in touch.


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