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Hi Everyone,

What a superb spring we're having. Scrolling down the HypoActive Facebook page I can see type 1 folk of a great range of abilities getting out there and then celebrating their successes in our pages of peer support. Stimulating, motivating stuff. But is it like that for everyone? No.

I have to admit that over the last few weeks, well maybe even months, I've been getting snowed under with work and finding it more and more difficult to find the time to get out on my bike and pedal my little type 1 socks off. Then just a fortnight ago there seemed to be a loosening of the leashes that bind me to my computer - I managed to escape into the hills three times in six days. It was like a great big slice of sticky diabetic cake served right into my system. Fantastic. Then I got the flu.

So when I read about these other type 1's achieving such marvellous things, I can't help feeling a little bit envious, a little bit guilty and a little bit sad. If you've been going through the same kind of problems, don't think you're alone. I reckon even some of our most prestigious type 1 athletes have bad weeks, maybe even months. But the point is, you're reading this - and I'm writing it - because we know what a wonderful thing exercise is. For your health, for your type 1 management and for just feeling great. 

So huge congrats to all those out there right now huffing and puffing and really getting places, but here's to celebrate also those who have dropped back a little, saving themselves for the sprint I reckon. See you out there soon.

Now, we've got some fabulous items in this month's newsletter, including some major personal achievements and news of what people are up to. These type 1's are included here because either I've seen something on our most excellent Facebook page - or elsewhere - or I might just know them. If you've got some news, doesn't matter how huge you might think it seems, are entering an event or are raising funds for type 1 charities, please let me know and I'd love to share it with our lovely readership.




  • Final 2015 Fun Run/Walk/Ride: Big bonus BBQ
  • 2016 Murray to Moyne: Riders in Training
  • 2016 MS Mega Swim: Call for Stingrays
  • New HA Treasurer: Mr 5.5


  • Melbourne Marathon: Well done everyone!
  • Photo Competition: Big news
  • Ron Cozijnsen: 1st type 1 marathon
  • Sarah's Riding to Cure Diabetes: Again
  • Alex Williams: Amazing training story





Celebrate a Great Year with HypoActive

Event Date: 29th Nov 2015

Come and join us for a very special morning of exercise and a splendid outdoor meal, courtesy of HypoActive. November sees the last of our monthly get-togethers for the year, December being too busy for everybody. So we're taking the opportunity to make it a grand celebration of exercise, type 1 support and family fun.

Last year, John and Kerri Thompson struck on a marvellous venue - Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Richmond - so this year we're returning to the same spot for our Yuletide feast. John and Kerri have once again volunteered to organise and cook - huge thanks guys - so please come along. There are excellent exercise opportunities available if you feel like a run/walk/ride, or you can just bring along your appetite for the best diabetic food there is: the stuff you eat in the company of other type 1's.

There are more details of the event here. If you think you can come along, please get in touch with John here, so we can make sure there's plenty to eat for all.



The Type 1 Team Awakens

Event Date: 1st - 3rd Apr 2016

This year's Murray to Moyne was one of the most successful team cycling events ever for HypoActive. Our founding event, the Murray to Moyne is a 520 km, 24-hour cycle relay across western Victoria - from Echuca to Port Fairy with barely any sleep along the way. Great work was done in training and preparation, organisation and sleek delivery of a complicated endurance event. Yet again HypoActive raised a large sum of money for Diabetes Camps Victoria - helping type 1 children and young adults become independent and get active.

The great news is that planning and training have already started for next year's event. One of our first-time riders this year was Leanne Macauley and she was so impressed by the experience of the weekend that she has made the commitment to donate her considerable skills to organising and wearing the captain's helmet in next year's HypoActive Murray to Moyne. Fantastic job Leanne.

Riders are already meeting up for the 'pain train' and I believe this is no slow bluesy thing, it's more like type 1 lightning on a bike.There's a HypoActive Murray to Moyne Community Facebook page up and running where you can read the news of upcoming training rides and get in touch.



A Type 1 Shoal is Forming

Event Date: 4th - 5th Mar 2016

HypoActive's other very long term annual event is the iconic 24-hour relay, the MS Mega Swim at the Fitzroy Pool. Our team of type 1 Stingrays has in the past been captained by Laura Rostron, but this year Katherine Price is taking the helm and has already been stirring the waters on the HypoActive Facebook page calling for big fish and little fish to think about taking part.

You don't have to be an Olympic swimmer to join the HypoActive team for this event. A few lengths at a time would be a very welcome contribution. Registration is not open yet, but keep your eyes peeled on the HypoActive Facebook page for news. You can read all about the MS Mega Swim here.



Welcome to Andrew Canet

A while ago our long-term and hard-working treasurer, Karla Dahm, felt the need to step down and move on from her responsibilities with the group. Karla did a fantastic job - many thanks Karla - but that left us with a big hole in the committee. Mercifully, after an impassioned call for help in the HypoActive newsletter, Andrew Canet took the bold step of offering to take on the job.

We've put up a page with Andrew's type 1 story here.

The treasurer role in a voluntary group is an enormously important one. Although I tried to assure Andrew that it mostly involved massage and cocktails, in fact there's a great responsibility to the group and the community to ensure that everything is seen to be done by the book. It's a numbers role, and as we're a type 1 group Mr Numbers has to be Mr 5.5.

Andrew Canet - Mr 5.5 - welcome to HypoActive!





HypoActive Unleashes Strong Team of Type 1 Runners

On 18th October, Melbourne went run-crazy with this massive, iconic event, one of the biggest exercise events in the world. Type 1 runners wearing the HypoActive singlet were there to be seen, turning heads in fact. I believe recovery is still in progress as I've yet to receive any formal reports, but I understand we had two full marathon runners, four halfies and a scattering of type 1's in the shorter distances.

Well done everybody. Watch this space for further reports of the type 1 experience.



Final Result To Be Announced

There has been a truly extraordinary response to the HypoActive photo competition announced a while ago in this newsletter. I now sit with an imposing stack of high-calibre USB memory sticks loaded with powerful images. The time is nearly upon us: the committee have set aside a major slice of time to sort through entries and have pledged to make a final decision soon.

But you still have a chance. If you can get us a picture before next weekend, you could still be the winner of $100 worth of HypoActive gear. Anything you want. Remember - we just want to see the HA logo or any kind of gear that says something about type 1's and the challenges they take on. Phone shots are great. Selfies are cool. Send them to me and good luck!



​1st-time Type 1 Marathon, Lifetime PB

On 20th September, Ron ran his third marathon, but it was his first with type 1 diabetes. The Sydney Marathon was a huge challenge, but Ron met it and came through with a magnificent result. He's sent us in a gritty report, full of those vital bgl's and tense with the awful realisation of failing type 1 equipment.

Check out Ron's story here.



2016 JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes

Once again, long-term HypoActive committee member Sarah Bullen has signed up for this amazing bike ride in January. The JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes is an exceptional event in one of Australia’s most scenic landscapes, the beautiful Barossa Valley, raising vital funds for type 1 diabetes.

For Sarah, this has become an annual challenge - her fundraising efforts barely subside after one event before she's up and planning for the next. Sarah's commitment to the ride even goes as far as having got married on the event weekend - what better place than among the famous vineyards and in the company of type 1's and their supporters?


You can read all about the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes here. And if you want to support Sarah and her husband Andrew, check out her Everyday Hero page here.



Training for Marathon des Sables

The Marathon des Sables, or MdS, is reputedly the toughest footrace on earth. It's a multi-stage, self-sufficient struggle across the scorching Sahara. Type 1 Alex Williams has been posting some links on the HypoActive Facebook page, inviting us to check out his blog and read how his training is going. If you haven't checked it out yet - do it now.

Alex has written some fantastic stuff about his training and what he's experiencing as he's getting fitter and stronger. Check out his blog - alexofoz - Living with Type 1 Diabetes - where there's also an amazing picture of Alex picking up a 4WD. Tough stuff indeed.

It's over 250 km of desert in five or six days. All the very best and good luck Alex.


That's all for now.

All the best,