Hi Everyone,

Good news this month, as promised. Firstly, I am now free of both my hard neck brace and my beard. Being without the great weight of these burdens has been immensely uplifting and my blood glucose control has improved immediately. Could there be a link between unfettered facial hair and your blood glucose level? Maybe, there are so many things that affect it after all.

But more relevantly, good news to all type 1's: plans are being drawn up for the next AcT1vate, sometime next year. Many readers will be familiar with AcT1vate - it's a weekend or day event that brings together type 1's of all sorts as well as trainers, motivators and experts from around the world. It's the chance to listen, talk, share, get active and learn, learn, learn. If you've got type 1 and you attend AcT1vate, life won't be the same afterwards. It will be better.

But it's a big and complicated event, with much behind-the-scenes work done to bring it about. We have a good, strong bunch on and around the HypoActive committee at the moment, but we definitely need more type 1 hands to bring this event about with its usual level of perfection. If you could spare an hour or so here and there to help us maintain this very high standard and have your own important input, please get in touch with Kym here or our president Warwick.

Also just fed into the pipeline, HypoActive's annual and spectacular founding event, the Murray to Moyne cycling relay. Time to think about registering. See below.

And as always there's a huge range of information events and even a little gossip on our busy and rewarding HypoActive Facebook group page. If you haven't checked it out yet then now's the time.




  • October Fun Run/Walk/Ride no 56: Albert Park
  • Melbourne Marathon: October Team Event
  • Kym's November Fundraiser: Mini-Golf and BBQ
  • 2017 Murray to Moyne: HA Team Cycling Event


  • ENDIA Study: Environmental Triggers
  • WEGO Awards: Top Candidates





Lapping Albert Park

Event Date: 30 Oct 2016

Runners, walkers and riders had a fabulous day out when type 1's met for the first time ever in Brimbank Park for the September HypoActive Fun Run/Walk/Ride. Surrounded by steep hills and trying to keep to the flat bits, all were nearly as impressed by the stunning location as they were by the company of other type 1's to get active with.

Beautiful Brimbank Park

October's get-together is at Albert Park. Although it does have a tremendous loop, which some find the perfect length for a Sunday morning run, you can do just as much exercise as you like. We'd just love to see you there.

Check out all the details here. Get in touch with John if you can come along or if you'd like to know more.



2016 Melbourne Marathon Festival

Event Date: 16 Oct 2016

This is the perfect opportunity for fast-footed type 1's - and those who are not so fast - to show the whole community that type 1 diabetes is no barrier to healthy exercise and strong competition. There's a fantastic range of separate distances you can run or walk. As well as the fullie, there's a half, a 10 km run, a 5.7 km run and a 3 km walk. Something for everyone.

Less than three weeks to go and the half marathon is nearly full - time to act and register to be an official Insulin Injected Engine® in the amazing Melbourne Marathon.

Type 1's: can't quit, won't quit

Check out all the info about distances and entry fees on the Melbourne Marathon website.

HypoActive has a team entered in this year's Melbourne Marathon. If you wish to enter this event as part of the HypoActive team you will need a password. Please email John Thompson to obtain the password and learn all about the team and any training runs. For more, here's our HypoActive Team Event page.



Kym Davern's Fundraising Challenge

Event Date: 12 Nov 2016

Few are more dedicated to the HypoActive cause that committee secretary Kym Davern and her bold new idea to broaden the group's finances is a novel and very exciting one - mini-golf. I remember playing this game avidly as a much younger type 1 and freely admit that it's been far too long since I had a go. There are some very generous prizes that have been donated especially for the event and there promises to be a sizzling great meal afterwards.

The event is on a Saturday, starting at 1.00 pm at Adventure Golf at Yarra Bend Golf Course in Fairfield. Kym's put up an event page here where you can confirm or get more info. So why not indulge yourself - this could be your big spring treat - and lend a hand to HypoActive at the same time.

Mini-golf: the ultimate in exercise and fun

This promises to be the funnest type 1 event ever.



Epic Type 1 Team Cycling Event

Event Date: 31 Mar - 2 Apr 2017

Fanfares and bunting are already being prepared for this the 15th type 1 team to roll along the roads of western Victoria in this extraordinary event. It's a 520 km, 24-hour relay from Echuca to Port Fairy. It's tough work for all, but the team is split into three different ability groups, so you don't have to be Evelyn Stevens to make the team.

This is the opportunity to spend most of a weekend on a bike or on a bus crammed with other type 1's, all taking a huge challenges and raising enormously important funds for diabetes camps and HypoActive. To find out more or let us know you're interested straight away, check out our webpage here.

Some people say nothing looks better than a type 1 on a bicycle





Finding the Cause

The Environmental Determinant of Islet Autoimmunity (ENDIA) is a massive new and highly worthwhile study to hunt down the cause, or causes, of type 1 diabetes. Professors form universities all over Australia are putting their egg-heads together and reaching out to emerging type 1 families to gather data and get to the root of this troubling condition.

So if you're a pregnant type 1, a pregnant woman whose partner has type 1, a pregnant woman with an older child with type 1, or if you have a baby less than six months old who has a parent or sibling type 1, why not contact the ENDIA team and see if you can be part of this laudable work. Check out our webpage for all the details.



Top Type 1's from DAV get Nominated

Meeting online every week on Twitter, OzDoc is a powerful connector, breaking down the isolation living with diabetes imposes by offering a safe and supportive online space for people with diabetes to ask questions, find answers and more importantly - find their tribe. OzDOC is run by cofounder Kim Henshaw, who is also one of those fearless and tireless battlers who work at Diabetes Australia Victoria. The other founder of OzDOC is Renza Scibilia, also an unstoppable advocate for diabetes at DAV and the author of the famous Diabetogenic (real life with diabetes) blog. 

Both of these fab type 1's have been nominated for a WEGO award, with Kim attached to the OzDOC nomination. WEGO is an international program to support and promote health activists of all sorts. Check out the WEGO nominees page here, but bear in mind there are hundreds of them, so you might want to pop Renza or Kim in the search box to find them and show your support.


That's all for now.

All the best,