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Albert Park

Type 1 John Thompson always leading the way

As Australia gently warms its way out of winter, our second spring social exercise get-together is located in Albert Park, in the shadow of the city, but in full glorious sunshine. Once a lagoon in the Yarra River delta, Albert Park Lake is now the home of many sporting and athletic activities, with plenty of room for a keen bunch of type 1's to have some HypoActive fun.


40th Anniversary of Australia's Biggest Marathon!

The Melbourne Marathon has been growing steadily since over 2,000 runners hauled their way from Frankston to Melbourne Town Hall in 1978. It's now Australia's biggest, with over 8,000 people taking on the full distance and over 35,000 entries across the range of events. This year is the 40th race and it's looking like the most spectacular ever.

This all makes for the perfect opportunity for fast-footed type 1's - and those who are not so fast - to show the whole community that type 1 diabetes is no barrier to healthy exercise and strong competition. There's a fantastic range of separate distances you can run or walk. As well as the full 42.195 km, there's a half marathon, a 10 km run, a 5.7 km run and a 3 km walk. Something for everyone.


Brimbank Park: Melbourne's Finest

This is the second get-together at this fabulous park in northwest of Melbourne. Brimbank Park is my old stomping ground and I used to train here until I'd worn through my tyres. It's an amphitheatre-shaped space, a great basin carved out of the basaltic plain by the Maribyrnong River over millions of years. The brim of the bank on the western side is a full 55 metres above the river - a ten-fold version of the perfect number. To the east the slopes rise more gently and the great curves of the Maribyrnong flow round thick native bushland, home to a huge range of birds and mammals. There are bronzewings and thornbills, kangaroos and wallabies, falcons and kites - and lots of rabbits. 


Tan Track is Back

HypoActive runners, walkers and bicycle riders are once again meeting to take on the high profile, central Melbourne loop - The Tan. Don't let the fact that we're in the last days of winter deter you from joining in - put some spring in your heels, bring along your bottle of BGL lotion and come and get Tanned.


Carrum Calling

John Thompson, our bold and long-term fun run/walk/ride organiser, loves to break the rules and this month he's pulled a shiner. This get-together is not on the last Sunday of the month, but the penultimate one. Can we cope?

The reason for this is that Run Melbourne is on the 30th​, the final Sunday, and John and a few other keen as mustard type 1's will be there giving it their best shot and showing many thousands of people that type 1 diabetes doesn't stop athletic achievement and and a healthy lifestyle. Good for every one of them. So huge thanks really to John for thinking of those who are very fond of their monthly fun run/walk/ride and organising this event on an unconventional date. And it looks like a fantastic location, with plenty of distance to cover - or not - along the Patterson River.


Type 1 Gazelles at Jells

Event Date: Jun 25th

Active type 1's - and some of the not so active ones - will be meeting as usual on the last Sunday of the month at 9.30 am (SHARP!), this time at fabulous Jells Park. And it really is fabulous. Fit for the fittest and a whole lot more besides. Wildlife that will drive you crazy and scenery that has to be seen to be believed. It’s a truly wide open space in the middle of suburbia that will take you all the way out to deep bush and an almost remote experience. All within easy reaching distance.


Making a Splash at Fairfield Park Boathouse

Fairfield Park has some great routes for running, strolling or pedalling alongside both the Yarra River and Merri Creek. You can also rent skiffs, canoes and kayaks from the Boathouse for some of the very best fun and exercise over water. It's close to the urban sprawl, but has the feeling of being deep in the bush. The Main Yarra Trail runs right through here, as well as the River Circuit Trail, which you can easily connect as a medium-sized loop. There is a little elevation to get your heart beating at just the right rate, but the views along the river are fantastic.


Central, Comfy and Cool: Caulfield Park

This will be HypoActive's third visit to this splendid and centrally located venue with great access from major roads. There is a circuit of about 2.5 km and the tracks are bitumen, which makes them comfortable for all sorts of running, walking and cycling. All round it's the perfect spot for type 1's to get together for whatever level of exercise they choose.



Team Running Event

This is a great opportunity to get out there in a massive high-profile Melbourne event wearing your HypoActive running gear and showing how type 1's won't be stopped from getting active and healthy. Whether you run fast or take your time, show the world you can do it!

The 2017 Herald Sun/CityLink Run for the Kids has two course options: 14.6 km and 4.8 km. The shorter, more scenic course is now available to allow those participants who do not feel comfortable running or jogging the longer distance but wish to be involved in the event and raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. 

Check out the event website for more info and to enter: Run For The Kids.

Run for the Kids


Fashionable and Charming: Type 1's in Williamstown

60th Anniversary - Diamonds are Forever

Our next Fun Run/Walk/Ride is all about taking in the best of this attractive township on the western side of the mouth of the great Yarra. It may be wild further west, but here it's the dependable clank of ropes on masts; the intriguing aromas from onboard BBQ's; and the company of wild seabirds more travelled than most Williamstown sailors, who are generally more wealthy than weatherworn.