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Frequently Asked Questions About HAY BAIL

What the...?

HAY BAIL is the HypoActive Yearly Best Arse In Lycra award.  It is normally awarded at the 'debriefing session' following completion of the Murray to Moyne bike ride, an epic cycle relay completing 520km in under 24hours.

I still don't get it...why on earth is there an award for that?


Some useful links for type 1 diabetics:

Diabetes Australia - Victoria


HypoActive was formed from the need to provide information, ongoing support and inspiration to type 1's participating in exercise challenges while learning from others with diabetes in the process.

Despite the obvious benefits from regular exercise, studies have shown that people with type 1 diabetes often experience poorer health outcomes from introducing exercise into their routine.  This is usually due to the added complexity required to manage glucose levels from the effects of exercise.  For these reasons, many people with type 1 diabetes are wary of exercise.

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