HypoActive members

Andrew Canet

Andrew contacted HypoActive in July 2015 after reading the call for help put out in the popular HA newsletter. We had a vacant position for the weighty role of treasurer and Andrew put up his hand. Two months later he was in full swing, consorting fully with the committee and treasuring every moment.

Spot the pump on the left hip. It's a statement.

Here's Andrew's auto bio:

Gavin Wright

Gavin was president of HypoActive from November 2011 to July 2015 and has been writing the popular HypoActive newsletter since 2007.

Diagnosed in 1964, Gavin led an active life, but not one filled with exercise, until someone lent him a bicycle in 1999. 'I'd forgotten how much fun it is to ride a bike,' says Gavin. 'I loved it. I started training and realised pretty soon that my diabetes was managed better the more exercise I got. Since then I've never looked back.'

Proud to wear the HypoActive jersey

Craig Sharpe

Craig on the Great Victorian Bike Ride

Daniella Brasacchio

Daniella in Vietnam

Lyndal Hynes

Lyndal has been involved with HypoActive for a number of years, taking charge of the role of Communications Officer.  She is also an essential crew member of the Murray to Moyne teams, where she is known as the 'professional nag'.  Her main duty is to record blood glucose readings from all riders and crew throughout the entire weekend and is able to ensure all participants are operating in safe glucose realms.

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